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Hi guys, I have a question that I hope some of you may have the answer for. I foolishly painted my Hot Toys T-700 with wax based rub'n'buff metallic paint and I would very much like to get it off, so it gets back to the original plastic state. If I remember correctly, these weren't painted, but is just dark grey plastic, right? Is there a way to easily and safely strip off the rub'n'buff without damaging the plastic or the original color?

Hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure about waxed based...but I know finger nail polish remover can remove quite a bit of stuff.
Maybe take a tiny bit on a rag, or q-tip and test out on the bottom of the foot (if it was painted there) or an area like the back of the leg or less noticeable part and see how it works first.
Be careful if you try nail polish remove as acetone dissolves certain plastics, especially if the remover has a high ratio of acetone

Quick contact is probably ok, but do not let it pool or sit very long as it will could start eating at the surface depending on the type of plastic

Maybe try something like Simple Green?

Supposedly it is a degreaser and should therefore be able to remove wax

However it supposedly can cause some issues with certain resins as it can remove the oils and make them fragile so like mentioned by JediMichael, test it first on an area that is not too important and like the acetone, don't sit it in a bucket over night or let things soak in

Yeah, it's the tube stuff. :)

But does the mineral turps damage the plastic or the original color of the piece? And by turps, you mean turpentine, right?
Mineral turpentine doesn't melt plastic. it's basically paint thinner for enamel paint, however it pays to test any solvent in small quantities in a small area first.

I use Rub'n'Buff on replica weapon builds for weathering and usually end up having to remove some of it, which is never an issue with mineral turpentine.

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