V For Vendetta

Super Serg

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I have these pics in Hi Res (around 3 - 4 MB each) In case anyone wants to use them as reference. (This move ROCKS. & I have a feeling people here would want these.) If anyone could host them, I'll send them 1 by 1 via email.

Anyone notice the Matrix Reloaded nod here in this 1st pic?

This is my FAV pic.

& here's a cropped version to show the actual size of the pic above.

(Thanks WC for hosting.)


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You've seen the film already and you approve? Thanks for the pics. Not too many women can still look so hot when they're bald. :love


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I'm still unclear about what this movie is about...
It's like 3 muskateers meets zorro meets phantom of the opera, with micheal jacksons hair thrown in for good measure...

Is it/he a hero?