Underworld Rise of the Lycans Bluray/HD screen cap request

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I wonder if somebody could help me, I'm looking for some bluray/HD screen caps from scenes in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. I'm trying to get pictures as big and as detailed as possible of Sonja's necklace, like these shots: (though I'm sure there are others, these were just my google image results)





I've just made a pretty exciting purchase of the hero necklace from the film and although the weathering on it matches whats seen on screen, I would love to get a 100% positive screen-match with a couple of the 'tells' on the piece, but lack the ability to take screen caps from blu-ray has slowed me down somewhat!

Had a quick scan through, there's shots of it at around: 31:03, 35:16, 35:38, 50:26 and the scene with Sonja chained up is at around 105m and a great shot of Viktor holding it at 108:38 and lucian snatching it at 109:15

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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