Ultron Prime detailed helm


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Hello guys, today I want to share with you all what i think is the most accurate and detailed helm of Ultron AOU I've made recently during the release of movie in India.
I used 5mm eva foam and 2mm for some details.I used several files in the making of this, some i made some i edited in MAYA but the one that helped me achieve the details is in the Pepakura Gallery on tamasoft by PepMaster. Its still without the glory of red lights but it still looks amazing to me. Hope you all like it.
20150509_122650.jpg 3a.jpg 20150509_135010.jpg 2a.jpg edit.jpg


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That looks fantastic! Any plans to do the rest of the body?

Thanks a lot mate...Right now I am making a collection of all popular helms. So far Ironman mark Vi full suit, Ultramarine 7ft full suit, Ironpatriot(indian themed) full suit, Nightingale full suit, Pepper Potts extremis armour full suit, Ultron Helm, Cap shield and helm, Stormtrooper bucket from Ep Vii and continues working.
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