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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Pretzellogic, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Pretzellogic

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    I've been watching the BBC miniseries Ultraviolet recently and have been wondering if there are any good images of the pistols they use to identify/terminate "Code Fives."

    Any info is helpful, including the base pistol and any found parts.

    PS: anyone build a replica?
  2. darcjedi

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    a good base gun to start with if you can find it, is the (now discontinued) tokyo marui socom pistol set. it comes with the gun, a silencer, and the LAM that is used to build the ultraviolet camera module. unfortunately, short of a few screen caps, the only real good pic that i know of, is here

    i know someone here made one a while back, but i cant remember who it was.

  3. Jedi Lawja

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    There was a fairly extensive thread on this a few months ago. The pistols with the built in vid-cam. Although two mirrors would do the same job, just not as tech-y.

    Try the search function to see if you can't dig up the thread.

  4. dropshipbob

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    Ask the member named Birdie, he loves that show and built one of the pistols.
  5. Birdie

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    This is the UV gun that I built a while back. I used the Tokyo Marui pistol mentioned above.

    I scratch-built around the LAM unit to create the camera unit, which can be removed from the gun, like in the show.

    The panels were made from layered styrene, then cast in resin. The lens section was made from PVC pipe.

    The screen sections are hinged to open up like in the show. The pic at the bottom is the original gun, from the show's website. Other than that, I used screencaps from the DVD for reference.





  6. Bowelrock

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    YEp that is a Sepec ops SOCOM 40 cal minus the suppresor they are realy nice guns.
  7. Krel

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