Ultimate Spiderman Symbiote

I dont know where u came from in Canada.. but there's a company in Montreal, Quebec that would print u this for 100$ CAN..
That's what i did with my Ken's file. Now i'm looking to get an orhadar TASM2 print
I'm hoping to have more pics up soon as it's been tight for cash the past few months. As for the shoes I'm going to purchase a pair of kung-fu slippers to put inside and use soles from water shoes to place on the bottom of the feet.

I used a company from Toronto for my first ever costume (Sonjou's Spectacular Spiderman) and they ended up printing it on the wrong material and the colour was way to dark (red looked almost maroon). Ended up costing my about $300 for the print. That's why I decided to go with FOD. I want to do another Spiderman in the future and will check out that company you used. Would you be able to give me the name for it and do you have any pics of your print?
Been awhile since I updated this build. I've cut the soles off some auq shoes that I got for $8 and just waiting for my kung-fu slippers to come in that I got off ebay (should be here soon hopefully lol). Also decided to go with smaller frames. The ones I was going to use (Goosebot5000's Amazing ones) are to big for my face, stupid small head lol so decided to go with TJack's Ditko style instead. Might sell my Goosebot5000 frames. Will post more pics this weekend of the frames and more Orhadar's awesome symbiote pattern
Attached my Ditko frames from TJack. Think they look super cool all white. Used epoxy resin to attach them. Not sure they will fully hold or not. If not will have to try something else to attach them. All I have left to do is attach the soles, but still waiting on my kung-fu slippers to do that


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The epoxy worked. The frames are attached. Also my kung-fun slippers came in today and have put them into the suit and glued the aqua shoe soles to the bottom of the costume. Going to leave them for at least 48hrs to make sure the shoe goo dries fully. So should have full suit up pics by Wednesday
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