"Ultimate?" Gremlins 2 Mohawk Replica


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As a kid, I was kind of fascinated by Mohawk - I could stare at pictures of that crazy Steve Wang design (and paint job) for hours, and I used to draw him all the time. Since then I replicated quite a lot of different Gremlins designs for my collection, but I never « dared » to make a full size Mohawk - measuring my painting skills to one of Steve’s masterpieces was a bit scary. Yet, year after year, literally thousands of bad copies of the original Mohawk Kaiyodo kit surfaced, resulting in lots of shrunk, deformed, horribly painted kits, and I finally got disguisted by that design… and I procrastinated even more. Until this week: I finally finished my first attempt at a Mohawk paint job… I tried to match the transparency layers and thousands of spots; it was sure tough to do it justice... and It’s quite something to have him in front of you, even for a Gremlin-jaded eye like mine :) Enjoy the pics!
PS: Not for sale at this time.


  • 3-4 dos - copie.jpg
    3-4 dos - copie.jpg
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  • 3-4 face - copie.jpg
    3-4 face - copie.jpg
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  • face - copie.jpg
    face - copie.jpg
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  • gp 3-4 face - copie.jpg
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Amazing work!

Even though the movie isn't as good as the first, the designs on some of the Gremlins really stand out and are the high point of the film. Mohawk was one of them, and you've done a fantastic job of recreating him.
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