1. B

    Mogwais - Santa Gizmo and Stripe

    Hi there, I want to show you 2 of my new Mogwais I did by myself. Santa Gizmo and Stripe. They were modeled with Monster Clay and cast with resin. I hope you like them.
  2. Welmanshire

    Gremlins 2: George Mogwai replica - Head sculpt in progress

    I have another project on the workbench currently, but it's winter and it's cold in my workshop,so I wanted something I could do easily in my office. I have always wanted to try my hand at making a Mogwai, for this project I have chosen George from Gremlins 2, partially because I like his...
  3. pilonieta

    Gizmo Corvette from Gremlims

    I always wanted to have a Gizmo Corvette replica of the movie Gremlins but researching I couldn't find more than one picture of the real prop. So I decided to create my own. I apologize for my writing in English is not great I hope to be able to explain my self. I'm smarter in Spanish. Only...
  4. B

    Full size, 9 feet, home-restored Spider Gremlin puppet replica!

    Being a Gremlins fan isn’t always easy… especially when you decide to replicate every single original sculpt from the movies in durable materials for preservation (…and for playing with them in your own collection, hum). The full size Spider Gremlin from Gremlins 2 was quite a challenge… but...
  5. TomSpinaDesigns

    Rick Baker Mohawk Puppet from Gremlins 2 restored

    hey gang, This was one of the more challenging restorations to come through the studio... but it's always very satisfying to help preserve a bit of history, especially something from Rick Baker's amazing studio. The foam latex prop (which matches the puppet used during the "toy train" scene...
  6. B

    "Ultimate?" Gremlins 2 Mohawk Replica

    As a kid, I was kind of fascinated by Mohawk - I could stare at pictures of that crazy Steve Wang design (and paint job) for hours, and I used to draw him all the time. Since then I replicated quite a lot of different Gremlins designs for my collection, but I never « dared » to make a full size...
  7. B

    Gremlins 2: Gremlin Skeleton preservation

    Hi everyone! Here I am again at my favourite obsession: restoring and recasting original fragile or damaged Gremlins props for preservation. In this case, the full gremlin skeleton. Despite of the recent Rick Baker’s Propstore auctions, it was quite difficult to gather all the original parts...
  8. Gaskett

    Replica Stripe from Gremlins

    Hey folks. Just starting to make a decent replica Stripe from gremlins, having dodged the bullet that was the Trick or Treat offering. Gonna be fully poseable and I may even give him some cablel controlled ears and eyes... not sure yet. Here's progress to date .
  9. Stuman

    Gremlins Stripe. Paper Mache Sculpture.

    Hi all, This is a sculpture of Stripe from Gremlins that I made as a christmas gift for a freind . I spent two days work on it as it was a last minute idea. This is my second every sculpture and is made completely from paper maches and handmade going from images on Google. There are a few...
  10. LokiFenris

    Mogwai and Gremlins Project

    Just started a wee project to sculpt and build some of the characters from the Gremlins franchise. Over the course of the project I hope to make a replica of Gizmo, Stripe (Mogwai form) and the spider Gremlin for the 2nd film plus Stripe in his Gremlin state too. I've started with what I...
  11. Jok3r0314

    Gizmo sculpt

    I saw this picture on joe dante's official Twitter I felt the need to bring it to reality in my own way. Went from paper to clay really fast and he's looking pretty nifty
  12. JoblessPunk

    Medicom Studio Scale 3D Gizmo - Found instock here

    Hey everyone, I wanted to let other RPF members about a secret online store I found while looking to buy the sold out Medicom Studio Scale 3D Gizmo. Instead of paying the marked up eBay prices of $600+, buy it from here for $350 (no taxes + free shipping)...
  13. Chaotica

    30 Years of Gremlins - Behind-the-Scenes Fan Book

    Hey all! After over 3 years of working, my Gremlins fan-book is officially live! It's 250 pages of photos, facts, and anecdotes that tell the making-of story. It includes content from several original interviews I conducted with members of the cast and crew that provide some fascinating...
  14. sweartoeric

    My smallish collection/ home office

    Hey guys, here are some pictures of my home office. I thought it would be a good idea to start cataloging my collection. I'm very much into finding cheaper items and improving on them, and much of my displayed collection falls into that category. I hope you enjoy! Spider-Man suit: "2nd Skin"...
  15. B

    Animatronic "Gremlins" Puppet Test (home-made)

    Hey guys Here is a mini-making of + animation sample of a new "improved" (but still very basic) mechanized gremlin puppet I just finished. Enjoy!
  16. KurtBergeron

    Original Gremlin Props!

    On Dec. 11, 2013, Knate Higgins and Tim Fife of The Seacoast Repertory Theater in Portsmouth, NH curated one of a series of events called "Let's "B" Reel: Cult Classic Films at The Rep." The point of this incredible evening is to bring audience members together to watch cult classic films and to...
  17. B

    Ultimate Chris Walas Gremlin 1/1 replica from the first "Gremlins" movie

    Hi Gremlins fans! I'm proud to show you what (as a Gremlins nut, fanatic, extremist!), I consider to be the first complete and, let's say 99% faithful replica of a Gremlin from the first Gremlins movie! It had been a dream since my childhood, and as nobody else seemed to do it, I decided to...
  18. TomSpinaDesigns

    A few new Gremlins 2 restorations...

    Seems like the Mogwai got into the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers! These two were completed some time ago, but we've finally gotten around to getting them on the site. Both were in fair condition, but with some pretty concentrated damaged areas. Mike Thomas quarterbacked the restoration of...
  19. daydalus1

    My movie / collection room

    Hello everyone i'm new to the forum but wanted to show my small theater room. Please excuse the poor video quality and my shaky hands. I also apologize for all the glare on the display cases. Thanks for looking. VID00020 - YouTube
  20. P

    Foam Latex care , sealing? coating

    Hi everyone im just wondering whats the best way to look after my miniature gremlin from gremlins 2, hes made of foam latex, iv heard of people sealing them to last longer, iv done all the keeping out of sunlight etc but want to possibly make him last that bit longer, so whats the options with...
  21. thegreatgalling

    I finally own a Mogwai too & why I love the Prop Store

    The Prop Store has had a special place in my heart this past year because of the chances it gave me to make some childhood wishes come true. This recent purchase however, left me speechless. After being inspired by Streetjudge79's awesome purchase of a Mohawk face from Gremlins 2 (See his...
  22. streetjudge79

    I'm a Mogwai owner! :)

    Just picked this original Mohawk face up from Gremlins 2.. I sent it to Tom Spina to work his restoration magic on it. He sealed the face and sculpted the missing eyelids to complete the face. If you guys need restoration work done, Tom is the man!
  23. TomSpinaDesigns

    Never feed them after midnight - Mogwai Restoration

    Hey all, Updated the site this week with a pair of restoration projects. Both 1:1 Mogwai puppets used in the film Gremlins 2. These were built by Rick Baker's shop for the film and it was very cool to be able to work on them. Each required relatively minor work (compared to some of our...