U.S.S. Trieste (DS9 Kitbash)

A few more pics...
I'll post some final pics soon, but I think I'm calling the Trieste done. At least THIS Trieste, lol. On this one, I'm not gonna bother with trying to replicate the NCC number or name decals. I learned a lot from this bash, which had me experimenting with new ways to make the windows, with using black primer and then using vinyl tape to make individual window masks. Honestly, I won't do that again, as the results aren't perfectly consistent, size-wise. THIS Trieste was made to duplicate the look of the studio model as best possible, save for the flourescent pink nacelles, lol. The end result would not at all have been anywhere NEAR as accurate, had it not been for the extremely generous help of both Mark Delgado, who was the one who sent me the pics of the studio model, including the previously unseen bottom side of the model, and stevielewis, who very graciously shared her own WIP images and helped me out in locating the German gun kit used to make the cannons. My utmost sincere thanks to both these people.

If I ever do another Trieste, I'll give it more color, like a proper Dominion War color scheme, and color the cannons and make lifeboats, RCS, and proper registries and markings. I'll also invest in a vinyl mask cutter, so all my window masks will be perfectly identical in size and shape.

That Reliant lower disk really makes such a nice turret.

I know the guys at Ds9 were in a rush---but a lot of that detail might look nice on a larger model..

One concept I had was for a layered saucer approach---a smaller saucer atop the much wider primary hull saucer---with that kind of detail you have above between the two nested layers---giving an evil pill-box type vibe.

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