U.S.S. Trieste (DS9 Kitbash)


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Since I finally accumulated all the necessary bits and bobs for this build, I figured I’d take a break from the Antares/Litvyak build, and work on this - the Trieste-Class ship from DS9 (and presumably TNG). I found some surprises regarding the Miranda-Class ships seen during the Dominion War fleet battles, and I will be drawing upon those when it comes time to detail the underside of the Trieste. I will post those new Miranda references when the time comes. Here’s the first WIP image. All the major conical bits and the Voyager shuttlebays glued onto the saucer surface. There are two more conical bits which support the forward ends of the TNG nacelles, but I’ll wait until nacelle time comes to glue those, as I want to get the positioning right. I’m using a saucer from the most current release of the 1/537 Reliant, and I noticed that this saucer deletes the windows on the forward edge/slope of the saucer extension, which is actually better for the Trieste, since I don’t have to worry about filling in any remaining windows that are left peeking around the Voyager shuttlebays.



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So, I decided to paint the clear bits for the TNG warp nacelles and the bottom impulse crystal. I used Tamiya Bright Red for the ramscoops, and Tamiya Brilliant Blue for the warp grilles and bottom impulse crystal.



Next step will be to primer the saucer and TNG nacelle bodies. For this I will use black primer, as I have a plan for the windows… I will primer the saucer in black, then make window masks using masking tape, lay those down, then apply the base coat. Then, I’ll remove the masks to reveal black windows.


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Thank you, stevielewis!

Okay… primed the saucer and other bits. Now the fun begins… I gotta make many small window masks out of masking tape, and apply them to the saucer. Fun fact… I don’t know of any pictures of the model showing the underside, so I have no way of knowing if the Art Department bothered to add any windows there. Since the top does have them, I’m gonna follow the formula, and apply some to the bottom as well, but the placement will be all guesswork, and most likely not accurate to the studio model. The primer IS black… the sunlight makes it look dark gray.






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Welp, masking tape wasn’t a good choice for window masks that small. The edges become frayed too easily. But, since I already used black primer, I’m getting a roll of white electrical tape for the masks, which should work better.


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Okay… masking this way in a pain in the arse, but the top saucer is done… for anyone interested, or who might want to make one of these themselves (not bloody likely), here’s the window placement. I’ve tried to match the positions of the studio model as best I could.



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Thank you.

So, small update… I’m waiting for my base coat color to arrive, and I have window masked the bottom saucer. HOWEVER… the bottom saucer MIGHT be redone, because someone on a FB group has said they have scans of Polaroid pics of the bottom and side of the studio model, and if he can find them, he’ll send them to me. So, I’m awaiting those references before I commit any base coat to the bottom.


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So, a friend was extremely gracious, and shared with me these photos of the Trieste studio model, which haven’t been seen before. As you can see, the bottom has more bits that I’ll have to add. I have everything I need, EXCEPT for the two long cannons on the bottom. I would REALLY appreciate if any eagle-eyed folks here can let me know what kit those long guns are from. I am convinced they’re definitely military parts, but I don’t know exactly what scale or what kit they’re from. If anyone can help identify them, I’d be extremely grateful. TIA.









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Is the structure that one set of guns is on part of the Flackvierling 38?

Edit: I figured it out, the structure is from the Flackvierling 38. I've used a few parts for that structure on my Centaur build so I need to get those parts again.
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