U.S.S. Jupp (DS9) [Reference]

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I've been asked in DM's for photos and details about the USS Jupp from DS9.

To save duplication, I'll post them here.

These are details from the original "studio model", tho' it never featured in the show.

As always, this ship, like the others I created during my time at DS9, was intended as a learning experience and not intended for any featured content; background, fast moving, etc..

There are some limitations to the models, as they were kit-bashes. In the case of the Jupp, the struts didn't line up perfectly with the neck, leaving a comedy "duck tail" that I tried to justify with greebles.

The drab olive green paint on the nacelles are fluorescent and were intented for a matte pass that would allow adding in the appropriate color glow in the composite.

Please note the use of decals in a few places in lieu of geometry.

These are reference of the struts and how they attach to the engines.

Please let me know if you need any additional angles.



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Quick shots of the saucer/dish.

Note the removable magnetic bridge to access a mount point and electronics on the top. This is to explain the use of a hatch greeble behind the bridge, as it was used as a stop or line up for the bridge when mounted.

On the underside you can see the connector for the electronics.

This model has UV engines, but also has LED "Blinkies".

No official designation / number was given to this model at the time I was in the studio, so it was never added.


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General additional wide angles on the engines.

The model was designed to be mounted and manipulated through the dish, which contains heavy electronics. The neck, struts, and nacelles were designed to "hang" off the dish, as they are very light. The join is the weak part and the model is currently in two pieces.


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Did you build the Galaxy AMT 'dark neck" kits and Excelsior kits by chance (ie the USS Excel? If you did, would you have any information on those?
Did you build the Galaxy AMT 'dark neck" kits and Excelsior kits by chance (ie the USS Excel? If you did, would you have any information on those?
I don’t know where those came from, tbh. They seem to be from Episodes that the late, great, Gary Hutzel would have supervised. I worked on all of the Even numbers episodes, staring with x02 and running through x26 (finale) episodes.

Occasionally I hear from one of his team, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Ask Doug Drexler? The Drex Files? He may know.
Adam, I realize it has been several months since you posted this thread, it has been very helpful for me in getting the proper spacing for the nacelles and how the Enterprise "neck" connects to the Voyager pylons. What I am curious about is did you use something to fill the space between the pylons and the underside of the neck besides the parts that are visible in your photos? It looks to me like some kind of filler, like putty, may have been used? I know it has been many, many years since you built this, but if you can find out, I would be very appreciative. Thank you. This is how my build of the Jupp looks at this time.

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