Twisty the Clown's Juggling Pin


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Still fleshing out my Twisty costume, and now have his juggling pin finished; this was a pretty fun project. He actually has three, which are all different, but I just focused on the more interesting one.


I started out modeling the pin in Rhino, just to get something to scale that I could print a pattern for. I shipped off the plans to my dad, and he turned the pin out of wood, on his lathe. He actually did several different versions, which were each sized a little differently, based on the overall pattern. We settled on one of the smaller ones as being "the best match."

I want to be able to make more, so I molded the pin. This was then cast hollow, and filled with rigid foam.

I'm still in search of the best color mix, but these wound up pretty close. Once I got to weathering, I got a little carried away with the fun, and ended up departing from screen accuracy quite a bit, but I like how it turned out. A bit more used looking.

Not that I've done all this though, I'm pretty sure I won't actually be able to bring it on the floor at cons, but at least I'll have it for Halloween. :)

TwistyTheClown-JugglingPin01_zpsgjse88ta.png TwistyTheClown-JugglingPin02_zps4fgsazxg.png