Trimming Trooper Armour


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My new trooper armour set arrived today, and it looks great. Its an AP kit. HOwever i've never trimmed a set of armour before. Whats the best way?

For example on the chest piece should i cut as possible to the line with a stanley knife and then sand down to the edge?

Any tips?

Also where do i get ABS glue in the UK?




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Just remember to measure several times and cut once.

I used a dremmel and a hand-held sander. I basically did what you had stated. I cut near the line and then sanded the rest of the way.

Hope that helps, bro.


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...I'll be getting my AP kit in the next few days....I've assembled a few FX kits in the past....and I just used a heavy duty set of scissors and later sanded the edges with a hobby emery board. Understanding that the AP pull is much thicker, I'm guessing a Dremel would be the best way......but I may try tin snips...


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Use the dremel, ditch the snips. More control with the dremel. I have a metal cutting wheel that goes through abs like butter. You'll get a lot of melted glop along the way, but it brushes right off. Wear gloves too. The ABS will be hot.


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Originally posted by clutch@Jan 12 2006, 04:11 PM
Use the dremel, ditch the snips.  More control with the dremel.  I have a metal cutting wheel that goes through abs like butter.  You'll get a lot of melted glop along the way, but it brushes right off.  Wear gloves too.  The ABS will be hot.

....yeah Clutch, I will be making multiple references to your assembly thread :thumbsup ....I want my armor to look perfect when completed.....


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I find snips the best way personally,though sometimes you need to use the cutting wheel for certain areas.

I trim about 5mm close to the line,then using a sanding wheel on the dremel get it perfect to the line.Then just clean the crap off and sand the edges...simple.

Be sure to mark a lip line bigger than prefer on your armour,so you can always take more off if you wish.Remember,once it's cut,it's gone for good :unsure

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I suggest getting a sharpie pen and outlining where you will be cutting. Leave more excess plastic on the edges when your outlining, may take more time but that way onces the "outlined" area is trimmed off you can go back and take a better measurement on yourself.


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If you have access to a band saw you could use it to trim the armor down fairly quick. You need to make sure you are using a 14-16 TPI 1/8-1-4" blade. Then you just use a belt sander to sand it down to the lines you want. It sounds scary, but it is actually very easy and will save you a ton of time.


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The cleanest, easiest way in my opinion is to use an exacto knife with a "scoring blade". You don't need a whole lot of pressure and you can take your time. Score a few relief cuts to the edge at the sharp corners. Then just fold it over. I will peel off like a gem. Then you can use the edge of a razor knife, drag the knife sideways along the edge to clean up the burs. You can also just fold a piece of sandpaper and very quickly clean the edges. A dremel is the way I used to do it until I realized the score and snap method. Much cleaner and quicker......


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yup.. xacto all the way.. just use the knife to "draw" the lines you want to be the edges, then they will snap off easily. practice on some of the extra pieces... and to start off, only trim the edges that don't end up showing on the costume when it is completed. you'll be glad you did. I screwed up a few times but it wont end up showing cause i started with the hidden parts first.

Also be careful not to rush. its way too expensive not to take your time. remember the project is the funnest part anyway


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Thanks all guys, tips noted. Will put them into practise thing what are snips and exacto knife? Snips are some sort of scissors? Exacto is a stanley knife?