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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by jedimaster, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. jedimaster

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    Ok can any of you please help identify these models and their make and scale? Not being a huge star trek fan I wouldn't know an Enterprise B if I was * on one. I was given these ships and a few more in boxes so it's easy to know the boxed ones. Funnily enough while I was staring at the box art of one. The studio model had MPC star wars kit parts on it. I thought that was cool. Anyhow any help in identifying these would be great.




  2. Alric

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    1st picture ship on right is a Klingon bird of prey from TOS. The one on the left is a federation ship I think from one of the films.
    2nd picture ship on left is an enterprise from one of the first films and the one on the right is enterprise from next gen.
    3rd picture this is the Marquis ship from voyger.

    I think these are AMT models
  3. robn1

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    First pic: Excelsior on the left, from ERTL. On the right is the Klingon Ktinga cruiser from TMP, from AMT '79. Reissued many times by ERTL.

    Second pic: Left is Enterprise refit from the movies, from AMT '79. Again reissued from ERTL. Right is Enterprise D from TNG, ERTL.

    Third pic: As stated is the Marquis ship from Voyager, Monogram (they did the Voyager kits).

    More info including scales here Starship Modeler: Star Trek Genre Pages
  4. JBReplicas

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    the excelsior is 1/1000 scale, the Enterprise refit is 1/537 (Ertl) not 100% on the Klingon ship but I'd guess at 1/650
  5. trekman1017

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    The ent. D is 1/1400 scale
  6. jedimaster

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    Thanks for the help guys. Now I just gotta figure out what i'm gonna
    Do with em.

    Cheers.... Simon
  7. Atlanthia

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    The 'Maquis' ship is LUSH! Looks to be complete, too! really nice haul, Bud'
  8. jedimaster

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    Ha...yeah I'll swap ya for a BIG EAGLE
  9. Mr.Engineer

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    First picture:
    Left is an AMT USS Excelsior, which IMHO is hard to get because they have 'destroyed' the mold to make the USS Enterprise-B model as seen in Star Trek Generations.
    Right is some Klingon cruiser

    Second Picture:
    Left is AMT Star Trek Enterprise-A (reissued many times) complete with kiddy pencil marks. Most probably painted with water colours.
    Right is AMT Enterprise-D which, I think was user the Sun too many times.

    Third Picture:
    Monogram Maquis ship from the Star Trek Voyager TV Series, which, when it came out, not many people bought them, along with the Kazons.

    These kits look quite 'complete' and if you don't want them...

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