Transformers: Fall of Cybertron game trailer

Sluis Van Shipyards

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I saw that while watching parts of the VGA (or show sponsor awards, as I like to think). The problem is that it wasn't footage of the game. It was just a cinematic. It looked cool though!

Wes R

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I liked War For Cybertron. The designs looks slightly different or maybe just better than in the last game. I wish they'd use this game series for the movies or animated series. Grimlock was technically on Cybertron for a long time in the comic books. He had a tank form.


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While the trailer was cool, I'm not a fan of those designs. They look very "Power Masters" like and I never cared for that toyline. If it was closer to real G1 I would have liked it a bit better though. Even with all of that said I would love to see a good Transformers game.

Wes R

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Have you played the game before this one? this is part 2 of the trilogy (or more) and sadly it's as G1 as we'll get until the third game if they land on earth. I wish they'd gotten more of the G1 voice actors but alot of them are retired or worse. RIP Chris Latta.


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yeah I have to say I enjoyed War for Cybertron, and this looks to be more of the same sort of action and design. Looking forward to this one :D


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It's really hard to judge a game by a cinematic. This seems to be the deceptive norm these days to advertise a game rather than just showing the actual gameplay.


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I'm with you, niennumb1. but all in all...gawddamn thats a good trailer. every time I see Bruticus form and Grimlock rock up (guessed who he was before he even transfored ah-thankyou) I get honest-to-god goosebumps. I still haven't played war for cybertron but I sure want to.


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I like the shifting in this trailer its more realisticly done than in the movies, I just hope for a movie reboot, with all the characters the way they should look, Ratchet as a white gm ambulance, Megatron as the walther P38, Star Scream as the F-15, Wheeljack as the rally car, Devastator as the yellow behemoth , not the MIB cockroach as in TF2, Shockwave as the galactic hand phaser, why was mass-shifting such a problem or Megatron and Shockwave as a gun, that's how we know them from the cartoons anyway, such a shame to even change the original concept...

Anyway I like this trailer also, hoping for a movie reboot ....Chris Nolan should do it, wonder how he would make the transformers seem believable.


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That's Grimlock. Man, what a great video. It definitely did its job because I'll be buying that game when it comes out.
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