Total Recall (2012) Replica Money!

Mike J.

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Years ago, I had replicated the "New Asia" passport cover.

Whilst accurizing that today, I undertook making the UFB seal, so I could make a UFB passport cover...

Having that done, I realized I could easily alter it to replicate the seal seen in the money.

Once that was done, I wondered how easy it would be to replicate the whole bill...

A little Googling revealed that the man on the 1000 is the director's father, who I obviously couldn't find a good photo of... Barack Obama, on the other hand....

Interesting Trivia:

The laurels around the UFB seal on the monetary seal are from the UN logo.

The artist Photoshopped out the president's US flag lapel pin.

I'm guessing the UFB seals on the real bills are hot foil stamped.

There appear to be two different kinds of 1000 bill; they have different bottoms.

Not sure who the other guy is, might be the Dalai Lama or Ghandi...



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Mike J.

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Tweaked a lot of little things to improve the accuracy.

Does anybody know which (or any) of the four graphic designers who worked on the film?



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Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but I've only just joined and, having used the search function, found this. And I love it! I am interested in prop money, future money or just my own fantasy money. I'm currently working on a few projects (just for my own amusement) which I'll pop on a new topic at some point.


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I'm also a big fan of prop money. Just picked up some screen used Serenity cash. I also have screen used money from Chappie and Elysium.

I was not aware of the money from Total Recall. I'll have to do some research on it.
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