total recall

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  1. droppfx

    Brubaker ID from Total Recall

    I made this fake ID today but there aren't many shots of this ID. Anyone verify if I have all the information correct? This is my very first post to RPF. (Not sure what took me so long to make an account.)
  2. Mike J.

    Unlimited Run Total Recall (2012): Tokonoma Shirts

    The manufacturers of the police robots and flying police cars. As low as $14, for the next 70 hours.
  3. Mike J.

    Unlimited Run Total Recall (2012) Vector Graphics on Shirts & Such! Uploaded a bunch of TR graphics & populated some products. Your choice of artwork includes: First Bank of New Asia logo Biohazard Gas Mask Warning Sign Biohazard Gas Mask Trefoil Symbol Alert Hexagonal Icon Bento Hologram Ad Design...
  4. 213ardj

    Arnold costume/props

    Does anyone know what the cheapest prop/costume Arnold Schwarcenegger used? Screen used or replica probably replica.
  5. F

    Oral history of vfx of Total Recall including miniature effects and compositing

    Lots of info on miniatures, models, x-ray sequence and more from the artists:
  6. Mike J.

    Total Recall (2012) Replica Money!

    Years ago, I had replicated the "New Asia" passport cover. Whilst accurizing that today, I undertook making the UFB seal, so I could make a UFB passport cover... Having that done, I realized I could easily alter it to replicate the seal seen in the money. Once that was done, I wondered how...
  7. JD Douglas

    Total Recall [2112] Bolo Gun Mystery [Pic Heavy]

    Hey everyone, I have been searching everywhere and can't find the answer: what kind of gun did they use for the bolo weapon in Total Recall? Was it built on an established weapon or designed from scratch? This has been driving me crazy! The mystery is compounded by the fact that the mystery...
  8. S

    Kuato costume

    Hi all, a friend directed me to this forum after seeing my Halloween costume. He insisted I share it with you.
  9. pylorns

    Free Paper Prop - Total Recall - Federal Colonies

    Only issue is the font doesn't quite match, the C does but the o's dont I was mostly concentrating to get it as close as possible. You can find patches and other designs on this logo but they are considerably less accurate. Attached a vector EPS file zipped up for file size. If you guys have a...
  10. VashDstampede

    Get ready for a surprise! 1:1 TOTAL RECALL bust WIP

    Just got a few extra bricks of clay to play with and since I can't stand only having a dozen unfinished projects, I had to sculpt something I've been wanting to do for a long time. So I started this on the weekend and here's where I'm at so far: Still doing some tweaking to it, so like...

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