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    As some know, I'm a member of several CGI and Video Game Modelling Sites, and a good friend of mine was able to get the Hi-Res CGI Models that were used for The Old Republic CGI Trailers, no he did'nt get the CGI characters from ripping like I would, he actually got in touch with someone and got the models from them. He also got a lot of the enviroments as well.
    Now we are planning on doing a good length CGI film, it'll only be on Youtube, but currently we are pulling together the best model riggers, animators, texture artists, voice actors, etc. that we can get for this.
    We will have a video up on Youtube in the very near future to get the voice actors taken care of, and we already have several volunteers for the other people that will be working on this.
    To me everything is out of my knowledge and experience on doing except for the voice acting which I have some experience with.
    So who's intrested in doing some volunteer voice acting? I'll have a e-mail address up in a bit and if you can make a voice demo and e-mail it to the address that will be fine, the e-mail address will be provided as soon as my friend get's it up and provides me with it. But here are the parts that we will be looking for. Male and Female Roles for most parts.
    Sith Acolytes
    Sith Lords (only 2 positions will be open for this)
    Jedi Padawans
    Jedi Masters (same as with the Lords)
    Havok Troopers
    Sith Troopers
    Bounty Hunters
    Smuggler (which we are pretty sure that we'll only need 1 person for this preferably Male)
    For the Droids and Sound Effects we already have a person taking care of that so it will not be needed. This is of course going to be a lengthy process, thankfully I'm only handling the voice casting part of this project, (it's still going to be a headache). We are planning on making this a 30 min. film, but it may be shorter/longer.
    EDIT: E-mail address is now up, you can send your voice demos and/or questions here.
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    sure I'll give it a go. I'm currently playing a Jedi Shadow in TOR.

    I have no clue on what to read to send. lol
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    The sample script is still being worked on for the different VA's, we hope that will be done this Sunday, for now just send a e-mail t the address with what parts you would be intrested in doing.
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