Tony Stark at The Club


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Here are some pics of Tony's night out on the town. this was a 6 week build with a total cost of $350 Details of the build are in one of my other threads.
thats an awesome iron man costume. And you did a good job looking like him..BTW Is that dude wearing a beer box? LMAO
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Beer box guy had the right idea for that crowd. girls were walking around in stuff 1'4 that size. this would be the contest that I totally lost in!
There is truth in those comments guys. I really did lose out to a girl in a figure skating flesh toned body suit and some chick in duct tape in thaT ONE CONTEST. the other contests were real and run by the bars and clubs that we entered. its really sad when the crowd reaction is so overwhelmingly huge for all your work and then the bouncer tells you to leave the stage. you just kinda roll with it and accept everyone's booing the judges as your prize. I was stopped a bunch of times on the way out of that club by people telling me I was robbed and asking for just one more picture before we made it out.
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