Tommensuke Blaster Chibi Assembly Guide?


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Just picked up the Tommensuke Blaster Chibi kit, and mine came without instructions. Anyone have an assembly guide that can help me out?

I picked up a couple of those, and they don't appear to have any instructions included with them. Here's a thread of one of the assembled ones. Most likely you'll have to mock it up, do some sanding on the triggers and other injection points, paint as you see fit, and then assemble.

Here was an assembled one that a fellow RPF'er posted, might help with assemble and areas to paint.

also there were some brief comments/pictures of assembly on the owners blog...

下呂温泉 留之助商店 店主のブログ - about half way down the page

下呂温泉 留之助商店 店主のブログ - about 3/4 down the page (this one had some painting info...but still VERY general stuff)

Hope this helps you some.
I don't think you really need an assembly guide for these. The sight rod glues on where the sight rod usually goes, the grips glue on where grips usually go, the barrel support glues in where the barrel support usually sits, the Weaver knob.... I think you get my drift.
Unless you have no prior knowledge of Blade Runner gun design it's all fairly obvious.

One of the comments on Tomenosuke's retailer blog was about the build I did of a Mod CHIBI;
I did a full build up on my own website too;
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I picked up a Chibi and it looks to me like the same instructions from the Tomen stunt blaster can be used. The kit is very similar to the stunt kit.


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