TMNT van

Hey. So for FanX coming up at the end of january we decided to make a turtle van based off the old 90's design. I made it using a radio flyer cyclone, pvc pipe, cardboard, so so much paint and painters tape.


The first step was to get the frame on. Then making the "walls" and adding detail to it, things like the wheels, roof, and spoiler. I also made a hatch for me to get in and out of.

Then I finished up the more casual side of the cosplay, which was the turtle. The idea was to make it not too complex, breathable, but hit the main points

10818726_874724409218274_1042528056_n copy.jpg

Leonardo has been one of my two favorite turtles. My wife will be tagging along at the convetion as Michelangelo.

I had to repaint the mask to match the body suit, used a kids turtle shell from the local target, some fabric scraps and knee pads. the chest piece is made of out foam

Here is the finished van:

Everything was hand painted and took me about 3 days of painting to get it all done.
The nice thing about using the cyclone, is that you pedal with your hands. which allows it to turn in place without having to have any forward motion. So this little dude is surprisingly mobile.

You can check out more of my work on our Facebook cosplay page:

Let me know what you guys think.
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