Is there a way to "dissolve" oil based clay?

Kid Omega

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It's been a hot minute since I've worked with these materials and Google isn't very helpful. I used monster clay as a base over my head mold and sculpted over that with 2-part apoxie magic sculpt. I'd rather not have to sit and hit it constantly with a hair dryer and wiping it (the sculpt is a bit fragile in places, which is why I'd rather avoid having to scrub it down. That and I work pretty long shifts and the convention is soon, so quicker the better.)

In retrospect I realize i probably should've sealed the monster sculpt with an acrylic spray but that don't help me now lol

I was wondering if soaking it in mineral spirits or dunking it in acetone might make it easier to get off? I'm not sure if either would affect the magic sculpt in any way?

I've scraped out most of the large chunks so this is about the level of clay I'm still working on removing. I've heard of people using latex to remove clay but I'm not sure how effective that would be here and since there are so many cracks I'd be a bit hesitant to use that method.


(I expected it to break apart, I'll just put it back together with more magic sculpt once the monster clay is removed.)

Thank you for your time! :)
Not sure if there is anything useful in this thread, but might be worth checking out…

I've used naptha and an old tooth brush to clean clay out of an epoxy mold. Odourless mineral spirits works too. For future projects though, use Frekote Lifft (by Loctite) as a release. There won't be any clay left in the mold. I couldn't believe it the first time I used it.
Mineral spirits will dissolve it. So will Naptha. Either one with a stiff brush. Just be careful not to scratch the surface of the mold. Wooden tools are a must also. And patience. Lol

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