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Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Spiker, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Ok, i am in a dilemma and need your opinions :)

    I am going to start the Neisen TIE kit (not the Hero) in the next days and can't decide which version to go for (ANH or ESB/ROTJ).
    I want it to go along with my ANH Red 5 X-Wing so ANH should be the first choice but read yourself:

    I have learned some things here on the RPF and trough researches done by myself. First of all the ANH TIEs where grey. In fact primer grey. The only colored details were the cockpitframe (dark grey, nearly black) the interieur (same), the lasers (yellow/orangish...) and the panels (semiflat black). NO weathering at all. Pic below (another good pic is in the chronicles book below on the TIE Fighter page.
    ANH TIE:

    The ESB/ROTJ version is blue/grey and some more details are painted in a darker grey. No weathering too.

    So i need your personal opinions on this. Would you paint it ANH or ESB/ROTJ ? The ANH version seems a bit boring but on the other side i always see the blue ones (never seen a ANH version). Another thing is the detail... is the Neisen TIE detail sharp enough to look good when just primed ? The ANH TIE was very very sharp in detail so the "only-primer"-method worked very well.
    The more darkgrey detail on the blue ESB/ROTJ could balance the lack of sharpness.

    And finally i need your proffessional opinion. Is the Neisen kit more like the ANH or like the ESB version or are there no really big differences in these ? That could simplify my decision which version to paint :)
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    ESB version... add some weathering too. Doesn't have to be exactly what you see on the screen... take some liberties assuming they are realistic. That means a wash, pastels, etc. It will bring out the details even more. Keep it subtle, though.
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    Thanks for your opinion. I should have defined my posting a bit. I want it to be painted screen accurate so weathering is no option for me.

  4. 1138

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    Personally I'm always partial to ANH miniatures and IMO the gray just looks better. Wish I had one of Steve's kits to have an opinion on accuracy and comparability to ANH vs ESB (but I look forward to other's feedback on that).

    I think your analysis of the detail crispness and paint job is spot on - those will definitely be the challenges.

    "...you must do what you feel is right, of course..."

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    Have you visited the thread on my SS TIE buildup? There may be some information there worth your while...


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    Well, you have to ask yourself... which ones inspired me to build the TIE? Which ones awed me the most? Was it the ones that chased Luke down the Death Star trench, or the ones that chased Han through the asteroid field? For me personally, I'd go with the ANH ones because they are the classic version. I'd say whichever version made the most impression on you when you first saw the films, that's the version you should make.


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