Thror's map


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After seeing the Hobbit's trailer, I decided to make Thror's map as a holiday project. I used light watercolor paper (~150 grams), black marker and red&black ink. This result was acquired after two days of working.


So it begins...


Traced with a pencil...


...And inked.

The proportions are not exact, I know, and I also made a few mistakes, but nothing unpresentable. Still need to weather it, coffee didn't give a good stain to it, so I'll propably try tea next. Criticizm is welcome, and hoped.

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Really fantastic job there Atlas!! :thumbsup

My minor nitpick (which comes from my own personal preference) is that I find the text to be too thin and would thicken/bolden it up a tad...

Nevertheless, bang up job! Look forward to seeing your progress and the weathering process!


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The text is as thin as it is because my calligraphy pen failed me, and I had to use a regular thin sharpie. I'll try to get some progress done as soon as I can.



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Got the map part finished.


Stained. I ended using coffee as originally planned, just made it stronger this time. Only downside is, that I am not a coffee drinker, and can't stand teh stench of coffee. Luckily it'll wear off with time.


Stained and folded...


...And weathered. I traced the rip lines with an exacto before ripping, and the cut would act as a guide. On the folds, I placed the fold on the edge of my table and gently went over them with sandpaper.

Apart from frames and the moon runes, all done.



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Yeah, the smell of old coffee isn't too great. Another alternative to coffee an tea are walnut ink crystals. Dissolve in water and apply as you would with the above mentioned.


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The smell wore off pretty quickly. Walnut ink sounds great, only coffee most certainly is cheaper =D



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I have thought about doing something like this but I fear my hand is not steady enough. Great Job!


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Hey, that's really nice. You could still stain it up a bit more and be screen-accurate, but it looks great. With coffee for staining I make up almost a sludge, really noxious stuff it is, ha ha. Dabbing it on with a sponge works well. Anyway, have a look at Daniel Reeve's site for reference on just how battered the original movie map was. Of course, you might not want it that stained! :lol


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Yeah, as soon as I find a cheap UV pen somewhere.
With the weathering I decided to go with something speculative from the time between the Hobbit and Fellowship, so that it wouldn't be so tarnished. Also the camera flash makes it looka little lighter, actually it's a tad darker.



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Free hand, actually. I google'd pictures of the map and used them as reference. The tracing was done jsut because I wasn't confident with a sharpie.

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