Thoughts on Renfield

It looks like a good clever comedy idea with the right cast.

But they killed my interest with the visual style. I can't stomach that late-90s goth/rave look.
Now, I might have flipped the script. Renfield in in the drivers seat. Dracula moves to get away from the horrors of WW2 and the Cold War.

Renfield shows Dracula a filmstrip of Trinity….Dracula has never seen anything like it…and he winds up feasting on bugs and skulking at night killing Renfield’s enemies in Real Estate.

Renfield is the real blood-sucker here…and Dracula is the one who is broken…as Lestat was with the chopper and it’s false light.

“You need me to be your day man Vlad. Someone to pay bills so your coffin won’t be dragged into daylight after a foreclosure. Castle Dracula fell to Tiger tanks and T-34s. Without me, where would you be?-you little fop and your evening clothes.”

“Naw…you are my night man. Here is a photo of my competitor at ReMax…pay him a little visit this evening…”

Here, poor Vlad is out of his depth in this modern world. The scene in the original where the estate is sold? That’s when we see the real predator emerge. The movie begins with a soliloquy about being caught in the hands of a monster…but it was Dracula narrating as the red herring..not Renfield. He knew Dracula was a vampire from the start..and vulnerable to cold iron..just not bullet lead.
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The red band trailer was attached to John Wick when I saw it. A little disappointing. Let me explain. It's the Deadpool effect. Studios seem to think making a movie rated R automatically guarantees a success. I think the film could have been carried by the humor alone. For instance, "Did I see you cut a guy with a serving plate?" becomes "Did I just see you cut off a guy's arms with a serving plate?" I heard a review today that confirms, it is a bit violent and gory. I'll still see it and hope to enjoy it, but I think the violence may prove to be a bit much.

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