Things you're tired of seeing in movies


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In Sci-Fi or tech heavy shows, regarding ship repairs/computer reboots/system hacking etc.
When the General/Captain/Commander/Boss says: "How long will it take?" to which his underlying replies: "At least 2 hours, sir".

Only to have the Boss say "You've got 10 minutes!"
Janeway tried that in an early episode of Voyager, and Torres said, "no, when I said two hours I meant it. I don't exaggerate", and Janeway accepted it. A rare really cool Voyager moment.


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I *think* it was in the TNG episode where they pull Scotty out of the transporter, but he tells someone (Geordi?) something like always telling the captain it will take longer and then getting it done quicker. The only thing worse is the underling saying "I'm not a miracle worker!"
Over quoting a time estimate is pretty much standard for just about any job. Part of it is to make yourself look good when you get the job done quicker than quoted, but it's also to give you a buffer just in case you run into any unforeseen complications.


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At one point there was a whole website that chronicled the Shat's hair.

IIRC his hair was mostly real in the original TV series. All but the very front.
No, he was full-toupee from a fairly early age, full male-pattern. The toupee line is quite obvious even in standard def video.


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The tribbles were saying: he's one of us!! :D

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