Thing I did with some 1/144 Jets


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Had a shadow box I bought for something else that didn't work out.
And some F-toys Navy jets on stands taking up desk space.
So came up with this. Found a 1/144 F-35 kit to represent the future Navy fighter and some preprinted taxiway from

Worked out pretty good hanging on the wall.




I could see this working with F-Toys Star Wars fighters.


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Thats awesome ! It seems that your planes have pilots...might I ask where they came from? You see I work almost exclusively with 1/144. Years ago I watched this movie called The Final Countdown and have been obsessed with the Nimitz ever since. I built a 1/144 RC U.S.S.Nimitz with a complete hanger deck and 80+ airwing. People and deck equp are very hard to come by, much less pilots.


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That's fantastic! Great movie too.

All are F-Toys except the JSF which is Pit-Road, no pilot in that one.
The pilots are extremely simple though, basically a ball for a helmet.
Basically these are trading kits with tons of tiny decals to drive one insane.
I testors dull coat afterwards to seal them in.
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