Theories on the PREDATOR alphabet!?

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So I researched the PREDATOR alphabet in two different formats, I don't know why I noticed they have 2 separate ways of writing there alphabet., one format is the original writing shown as the timer from PREDATOR 1 as a count down to self destruction. And the other format is I'm guessing from AVP as it was discovered in the opening sequence and main title.. And the second format is also on wolf's bio, but I could be wrong what do you guys think?
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Texas predator

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Texas predator

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Now Could it be just random scribbles that are just put there for PREDATOR effects.. or could perhaps the PREDATORS have multiple languages due to there own up bring into there TRIBES!! If so this is interesting because there species is YAUTJA, (kinda like referring to us as humans) means there kind are a variety of cultures. Like Asians, Mexicans, Americans etc. Maybe this explains there different SKIN tone as well..

WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?? Could I be wrong.
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