Draynes take on the Yautja

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Spearaizer told me to write more of this background fiction down, so here goes..

This is my take on the Yautja as a species. Their culture and just random fiction I've made :rolleyes: I'll update the thread from time to time, if it proves popular.
Remember! This is my fiction - if I quote something from a book, I'll make sure the reader knows, otherwise its just my imagination running wild.

The Yautja

By blood you were born and by blood shall you die.

The Yautja is an alien species of humanoids. Their body structure resemble that of a human, with a large elongated skull, with mandibles and massive dense dreadlocks for hair. The rare specimens we've obtained have an impressive musculature with exceptionally thick hides. Their blood is a gooey green fluid that glows sickly. Specimens range from 7'2 to 8 feet. What we've establised upon previous encounters, is that these aliens can have any hight, only the females appear slightly taller. Reports specify this race as a violent, cunning, extremely intelligent and dangerous species.

Their main goal in life is to obtain honour. But to obtain that honour, they must reach death through a worthy adversary. Most other creatures appear to them as game, only the worthy recieve duly attention. This feudal semi-gladiatorial worldview seems to affect all of the Yautja race. Being a warrior race, the Yautja are cruel and effective killers. They excel in close combat and have brutal if not inhuman strength and stamina. Wounds that would outright kill a human will only maim the Yautja and send him/her into a state of frenzy where it seems nigh invulnerable. However, the utter downside of the Yautja, seems to be their tendency to stick to their more primal instincts.

Human culture have always had deep ties with the Yautja. We know them as summers ghosts, those vile creatures who kill and flay the worthy. Some appeared in the thick of medieval battle, to joust the human knights and collect their spines or stalk the cold rotten trenches of Stalingrad. Either way, they are known as hunters or Predators. There is evidence of Predators in all of mankinds history. Feudal warlords who slayed they opponents and stood face to face with a nightmarish creature, who had gathered the skulls of those it slayed and waited for the last worthy skull.

At first, we believed the Predators to be technologically advanced. Their weaponry ranging from razor sharp wristblades, spears and bladed wargear to Plasma weapons shoulder mounted on small rotary firing platforms. However, we’ve come to believe that the Yautja have gained the advanced weaponry from another source. Rumors have long spread, that they bargained services for the marvels offered by the Mala’kak race. The same race believed to be responsible for the galaxy wide infestation of Xenomorphs, though others claim the Yautja ordered the Xenomorphs designed as a warrior sparing breed. One can only guess what hellish agreements have been struck. What is known is, that most Predators won’t allow themselves to be captured; Their wrist computers seem to act as bombs, with adjustable radius, blast type and energy output. Also, the Predators sport hyper advanced enviromental helmets. These helmets not only shield them, but they feed the predator a vast array of information. It allows the Predator to see in multiple vision modes, record, playback, zoom in and out, cycle through trajectories, perform limited magnetized X-ray arc scans and least of all, its linked to the individual owners brainwaves for better performance.

But even though a Predator may sport highly advanced weaponry, it will never back down from a challenge. Removing its advantages and meeting its foe toe to toe, with its own strength, is the Yautja way.

We’ve mentioned a great deal of assumptions about the Yautja. But what is most important to know, is that no rules are carved in stone unless the Yautja are members of a specific clan. The Clans seem to be either led by a council of elders, a single matriarch or Patriarch. These clans can vary in size, from small warbands to massive settlements. In Yautja Society, strength is all. Lone Yautja who are not members of a Clan cannot bear names, nor may they sport specific items. Lastly, they are not allowed to mate. To obtain membership of a clan, you must prove yourself first. But we’ll return to that later.

First, the females chose their mate from a selection of worthy males. The mating is more a ceremony than an act of love or passion as we humans know. The female rests for 7 days, retreating to its lair. Here the female give birth to a small coccoon like fetus. The fetus is inserted into a lifepod for another 30 days. In this stage, the fetus grows rapidly and the female is hyper aggressive towards any who dare approach her offspring. When the 30 days come to an end, the male who sired the offspring takes control of the infant who is now able to walk and use minor tools. It is common for the female to cut all ties to its offspring at this stage. The youth is taken to the clans armoury. Here the youth is given a loincloth made from a hide of a fallen prey. The male father then proceeds to send the youth onto a harsh trial by fire. It is known as the rite of survival. The youth is discarded into the wild, left to die. Return with proof that you deserve to live, or stay in the wild and become part of it.

-- to be continued --

ps. I apologize for any grammar errors or typos - my first language is not English :p

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HOLY **** DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was freakin' AWSOME!!! Keep goin' on like this, and you'll make yourself a name in the Yautja Honor Society :rolleyes: .


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man....that was AMAZING!!!! this is the first story (if its considered a story cause i dont know what it is :D) ive read on this and its great!! cant wait to read more!!!!

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