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    ( Not even sure where to put this post. Please re-locate if possible/ necessary ... )

    I´m actually working on three Star Wars-Projects at the moment but none of those is actually developed far enough to be put here.

    But i´ve been owning a "Walking-Dead-First-Season-Full-Cast-Signed-Autograph". It´s mainly a black piece of cardboard with the autograph inserted in the upper part and a second insert in the lower half naming all actors. I´ve always wanted to put this on the wall but never found a nice frame to to so. Last week i bought a simple black one ( 6 Euro´s = about 7 Dollars ) with quite an ugly and curvy outline. I thought that this goth-like look might work.. I didn´t at all. Right next to the frames the store sold acrylic colors and i had bought a dark red as well ( already anticipating that the frame would not look great at all ).
    I removed the glas and put the autograph in. I then spent about 2 Minutes to tape/mask the important parts. After that i mixed the red color with water 50:50 and went outside for the fun-part. As my son is 6 months old we have a lot of stuff for diaper changing on the go. I took one of those throw-away protectors, put the frame on it and splattered the color down on it from a ladder. It took the "blood" 6 hours to dry. After that I removed the tape and put the glas back in. I know this is not one of those awesome builds which are standard here, but it turned out way better than i imagined and maybe someone can use my spaltter-technique for other projects. Thanks for your time and sorry for the bad english .. School´s been a while. Greetings from Germany, Tim

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    Welcome aboard and you are wrong, thats an AWESOME way to display!

    Great job !! :thumbsup
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    Definitely an awesome display. Nice first post... Love it :cheers
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    Brillant idea, very nice display!
    And... welcome!

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