the walking dead

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  1. R

    Rick Grimes’ Season 2&3 jacket and t-shirt as worn by Andrew Lincoln

    They were given to me by my brother, Andrew Clutterbuck aka Lincoln. Not sure what to do with them and not sure what they’re worth. Any ideas
  2. XtcofPain

    Limited Run 1:1 Resin Rick Grimes Walking Dead bust

    Hey guys im considering doing a run of Resin busts of my Rick Grimes sculpt. The heads would be hollow cast resin, and would be 285 euro or 300 dollars plus shipping. Im thinking of a run of 10 before i start making the silicone one. Let me know if anyone is interested and i will make a list...
  3. D

    Daryl Dixon costume season 7 saviours The walking dead

    My attempt of the outfit Daryl Dixon wore during his time with the saviours during season 7.
  4. Wolverony

    My Negan Cosplay from The Walking Dead

    Hope you guys like it. Working on getting a proper Lucille.
  5. Ash

    Halloween 2016: Negan and his dirty girl *spoiler alert?*

    Hey fellow RPF members! Just wanted to show off my Halloween costume for this year. I decided to recreate Negan from The Walking Dead. Here's a brief breakdown of how it came together and what I did. Let me know what you think! Jacket: a standard black leather motorcycle one I ordered off the...
  6. A

    Rick Grimes TWD Season 1 Costume - ON A BUDGET

    Hi I'm going to be making my own Rick Grimes Season 1 Costume from the walking dead for Halloween 2016! Im a student so you know what that means? Im poor so I am going to be making it on a budget so no hate if its not 100% correct! It will hopefully look the part though! Looking forward to...
  7. S

    Negan's Bat Lucille (First Prop Replica Attempt)

    So I am beginning my journey into the prop replica building world. I am nervous but also very excited. So I am assuming what I am about to do will be a nice easy first try however I am also very much aware that things will undoubtedly get hard as soon as I actually start. I plan on chronicling...
  8. P

    UK The Walking Dead costumes, were to find pieces from ?????

    I'm from the U.K. so for all our English Walking Dead fans I'm going to try find and share places where you can find costumes and props in the uk. If you know any stockist that have items please post here and lets help eachother out. My first outfit for UK comicons this year will be Rick...
  9. CJane

    The Walking Dead - Jesus - Need ID on Boots/Gloves

    Decided quite suddenly to throw together this costume, and was lucky to find pants that I like (because his are that absurd purple-brown), and what I believe to be a very close if not exact vest. Trouble I've been having is with boots (which I know little to nothing about) and an official word...
  10. Starkiller0613

    The Walking Dead - Rick's Hatchet

    After watching the last episode, I searched here to see if anyone ID'd the hatchet Rick uses. I didn't see anything here and after a quick google search for straight handled hatchets, I think I found it if anyone's interested. I looked at screenshots and promo pics like this one: I believe...
  11. D

    the walking dead-frame

    ( Not even sure where to put this post. Please re-locate if possible/ necessary ... ) I´m actually working on three Star Wars-Projects at the moment but none of those is actually developed far enough to be put here. But i´ve been owning a...
  12. JonnyT

    TWD Daryl Dixon Crossbow Build (cardboard)

    I'm going to a Zombie themed party at the end of the week and I decided I would go as Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead c.season 5. In my opinion, the two things you absolutely gotta have if you are going to be Daryl Dixon is the leather vest with angel wings (thank you popular on line auction...
  13. R

    The Walking Dead Comics

    Hi! Just wanted to post one of my newest builds, and one that was actually my first experience with casting! Its Negan's knife from TWD comics, or just a really big knife if you don't read TWD. Its something I carved out of 1/4" foam board, molded in rubber, and cast in plastic. Its not the...
  14. B

    Walking Dead Morgan Costume please Help

    Hi all, have got everything for my cosplay of Morgan from TWD, but I'm having trouble with nailing down the jacket, found a lot of ones that are close, but just haven't found that one that is just right, please help me Thanks, Sam Martin
  15. HakSawJak

    Rick Grimes - Alexandria Constable Uniform

    Rick Grimes - Alexandria Constable Uniform As soon as this uniform appeared on the show, I knew I had to have it. Of course, it meant I had to shave my beard but it was worth it to done this sweet new look. So here is my build! Enjoy! Carry Over Costume Pieces If you are already...
  16. HakSawJak

    Limited Run Rick Grimes Alexandria Constable Patches Run (Shoulder and Badge)

    Rick Grimes Alexandria Constable Patches (Shoulder and Badge) Hi everyone! I am Hacksaw Jack and you may be familiar with my Rick Grimes cosplays (Links in the signature). As you all know, a new uniform for Rick Grimes was revealed in episode 512. Naturally, I immediately began working on...
  17. Vult Tavik

    Walking Dead (Rick Grimes) Season 3 (2-4 eventually)

    Hello all, Obviously, I am a big fan of the show and comic, but it wasn't until recently when I let my beard and hair grow out a little that people started telling me "you look like Rick Grimes", so I thought about giving it a shot and of course I came here. Admittedly, I am normally a Star...
  18. Alldown85

    Making a colt Python HELP !!!!!!

    Hello everyone I am looking for some help I want a colt Python for a Rick grimes costume. I am how ever doing this on a very tight budget. I have seen colt air soft pistols but due to price and the fact I don't think customs would like me to import these thing from the USA to the UK I want to...
  19. C

    The Walking Dead - Carol's Trench Knife

    Hey guys, A friend of mine was looking for Carol's trench knife from The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, this sort of weapon is illegal in Canada. So for her birthday I crafted one out of Worbla for her. Here's how I went about it...
  20. T

    My 'Walking Dead' Rick Grimes Season 3 Costume + Wizard World Comic Con 2015 Pics

    Just wanted to share a few pics of my Rick Grimes Season 3 costume that I put together for this this past weekend's Wizard World Comic Con here in New Orleans. Al good bit of my ideas came from the creator of this 'build' thread, so many thanks to him...
  21. GBNolen

    GBNolen's The Walking Dead Governor

    Hello everyone, first post here. Thought I would share my progress with my TWD Governor cosplay. I decided to do the Gov because I love the character and after going as him with a quick inaccurate costume for Halloween at my school, I was told by several people I look just like him and it was...
  22. T

    Rick grimes replica costume!

    My version of Rick is a little tied to both characters, the one from the books, and our beloved Andrew Lincoln. I like the style they chose for him being from that area in the country, makes me proud to say I'm from the south!! Either way I have really dug the look so much so, that I have gone...

    Shane's T-Shirt - The Walking Dead (Season 1)

    Hi guys, For a really long time I've been trying to get hold of a replica of Shane Walsh's grey t-shirt with the King County Sheriff Dept. shield on the chest from Season 1. Unfortunately, with other projects such as my Punisher costume, this small project has been put on hold for quite a while...
  24. TWD Fanatic

    The Governor - Season 4 Build (redone)

    Greetings! If you have read my original post, then you may know that it's not very detailed, however in this I shall be giving: Alternatives, close replicas, etc. Check out For the season 3 version of The Governor! Kudos to...
  25. Jill Sowell

    Daryl Dixon - Walking Dead - leather vest

    I love how unique this vest is on the show; it is such a good look with the leather being a practical apocalyptic choice yet still having the fabric wings age to show time passing. I grabbed an older leather moto vest that I had bought on sale but never wore and thought I'd give it a second...

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