The Universal Studios Theme Park KITT - Got any Pics?

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heres mine , possibly around 95/96 or so

maybe its on the boat dock so people could take pics without a crowd , when i wnet you could line up and was led one at time to sit in it
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I remember sitting in it. I asked KITT what his phone number was and he told me he didn't have one. I was bummed.


There was more than one car used. The one with air dam was not a screen used car. There are many pics of it out there. It was cobbled together with leftover real parts to build a cleaner display car. That shot of it out back was just before it was junked.

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YenChih Lin

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my house was the one on the hill that "margo" lives in with the two twin guards... (dont live there anymore)

they shot for 3 days - i have a lot of pictures, and d.h. Even gave me his personal crew hat - i still have it.. Its cool because its pretty beaten up.. I guess he wore it for a while before he gave it to me :)

there were a lot of kitts - they filmed part of the season 3 opened knight of the drones at my house when i was a kid, and even for that, they brought a truck with 6 backup kitts ...

that's fantastic! Here's a screenshot from the episode for those not familiar with the show:



thats my house :)
i lived there from before i was 1, up until i turned 10 or so - my dad built the house.. Its in the hills of tiburon, ca. (they shot a jacuzzi commercial in the jacuzzi, too :)

i dont have any scans online, but this is one that is on a marin county nostalgia site,

thats me in 1985


you are coool! Man, you sat in KITT! KITT!!! I envy you!


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The twins were none other than the Babarian Brothers if I remember correctly. They were a pair of B movie stars that were around when Ahhh-nold was doing his thing in the A movies.

That is pretty cool that your house got to be a star for a bit (and that you got to hang out with the production crew). Just think, most of us have no pictures of where WE lived as kids. But all you have to do is pop in a Season 3 DVD to see your old house again. :D


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Here's a picture of me in KITT around when Universal first put it on display. The picture has '84 written on it but I think it was more like '85-'86. I have other pictures somewhere but would require a lot of digging. I know I have some shots of the sign w/ Kitt. This is probably the best shot of the interior I have.

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Awesome picture, thanks for sharing!

The KITT car was on display starting in 1984. At that time, it still had the older style 2 TV dash in it. Based on my research, the park didn't switch to the 1 TV dash until 1987 or 88. Are you sure this was taken before that time?

Would love to see the additional pics, if you can find them!



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Absolutely. I'd say it's from 1986. That's what I looked like that year. I found one other picture of KITT and its nothing special. It's an exterior shot from the left side and most of which is obstructed by one of the hand ropes. However, I did find a picture from the same day of Battle of Galactica. When was that show taken out? I can't imagine that lasting into the 90's. There's also pictures of the Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery Spectacular. More importantly is that I remember having pictures of the E.T. sound stage, which came years before the E.T. Adventure ride was built. I can't even find any information online about the E.T. sound stage. It probably didn't last long. Anyways, i'll try and find the negatives.
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