knight rider

  1. Buckethead

    Imperial Field Knife | Solo Concept (metal)

    Update: 29.06.21 The full kits from this run are sold out, however all parts needed are still available separately. I do runs of the aluminium blade and guard over on Etsy: Buckethead Studios - Props and Costumes by BucketheadStudio where I also have 3d models available for the handle and...
  2. K

    Project 3: Kitt

    Confirmed... Where else do you go after building R2 and 3P0? A car....of course. A Working Kitt dash is now being researched. I estimate the price of the Dash will be in easy reach. Around $2,000 including the scanner. a little more with front bumper. For now, I plan to hang it up on what...
  3. F

    The Universal Studios Theme Park KITT - Got any Pics?

    Does anyone have any pics of the Knight Rider KITT cars that Universal used at their theme park in California? Either while it was on display or in the years since. The car you see below was on display from the 80's until the late 90's, then sat outside the tram garage until 2008: I've...
  4. F

    My Screen Used Knight Rider Props

    Thought I would share a few pics of my original Knight Rider props. Original steering wheel, used first in the show and then on the display car at Universal Studios: These dash panels are from the "insert" dash - the one you see anytime they show a close up of the dash. Also later used on...