The Tree of Life

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    Has anyone else seen this? This is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. I don't even know how to describe what it is about. It's got everything from dinosaurs and Jupiter, to stealing a girl's nightgown, to a boy coming to grips with his disciplining father. I know none of that makes any sense but I was just dumbstruck after watching this--like "What did I just watch?"

    There's probably not 100 lines in the whole film and it's very artsy but WOW, I was riveted just trying to understand what the message of this movie was. I'm still not really sure. But I don't ever think I have felt as much emotion viewing a movie as I felt during this film.

    This is one of those movies (like 2001) that I think everybody could walk away with a different message....Granted, this is not for everyone (no explosions, spaceships, bullets, or zombies), but if you like DEEP movies--you might want to check this one out. The cinematography and overtone is amazing!!!

    Has anyone else seen this? Can someone more eloquent than me talk about this movie?
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    I watched it and still don't know what to think. Everything you said is 100% true. However, I'm having trouble equating that as a good film. The narrative was just so meandering, and while the segment showing the early years of Earth's creation and the dinosaurs looked amazing, what point did it have in the movie?!

    I also agree that comparisons to 2001 are valid, they're almost like companion films.
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    I agree with you that I can't decide if it could be considered a 'good' movie or not. It's certainly not a movie I would view multiple times--maybe once more to see if I understand it any better the second time. But on first viewing I just couldn't turn away--trying to figure out "Do I understand this or not?" :confused

    You have to admit, tho, that it is beautifully filmed. This would definately look good on IMAX....But it might be a mindf##k overload on a screen that big:wacko
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    I had only seen one trailer before I watched it and because of that trailer I went in expecting conventional father-son movie starring Brad Pitt. Boy did that throw me for a loop. It had some of the best cinematography and acting I've seen in recent years. As far as the content, I found myself thinking about it for days afterward. It is a very intricately constructed, deliberately detailed movie that I plan on watching again.

    I did some reading about the writer/director that sort of fills in some blanks that he deliberately left ambiguous in the film. The movie never gives the cause of death of the son, but the director, who also grew up in a small town in Texas in the 50s had a brother that went away to Spain to train to become a classical guitarist. He committed suicide due to the pressure he felt to become great.
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    Sorry, I'm not a Terrence Malick fan. I tried to give it a fair shake and I found it unwatchable. I understand what he is attempting, I just don't care for it. I couldn't stand the Thin Red Line either. We do agree on one thing, the cinematography is impressive.
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    Trying to explain this movie would be like trying to explain a painting.
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    after the credits rolled, i immediately restarted the film. It makes a whole lot more sense, the 2nd time around, as the film starts at the end basically. Non-linear storytelling aside, the beauty of the cinema photography and the editing was compelling enough to watch completely oblivious to the story.
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    Depends on the painting. *graphic designer with an art history minor*
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    The message in the film is basically about the two ways of life, the way of nature and the way of grace. Basically, logical and scientific thought versus faith and the divine.

    The dinosaurs are far as I can interpret are meant to represent primitive and savage nature. The scene where the predatory dinosaur finds the sick dinosaur and places it's foot on it's head ready to kill and eat it, only to have a moments hesitation, have pity on it, then scurry off without killing it.

    This is supposedly the first moment that a living creature on earth feels compassion for another living being, which introduces the concept of morality, part of faith and the divine, to the living natural world.

    What does that have to do with the story though? Simply because the main character is trying to find meaning to existence whilst dealing with guilt, grief. Finding the divine and spiritual amongst the natural and tangible is part of his journey to finding this.
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    This is one of my favorite films. And like 2001, it is truly best enjoyed in the theater on a huge screen. You can be certain this will be nominated for best picture by ampas this year.

    People tend to react to Terence Malick movies with either love or hate. Personally i think he is a master. I've always been a fan of his work. This film altered my mood for days. it is deeply contemplative about existence and the purpose of life, and its about as poetic as cinema can hope to be.
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