The show your custom BLASTER thread!

kristen jones

Master Member
Here's a concept that I developed a few years ago (when I was still using Tinkercad!)


The client wanted something reminiscent of a DL44, but not a DL44. I developed the pistol concept first (and still quite like it), and then after seeing Solo and the carbine concept for the DL44, i developed some add ons for the pistol so that it could be converted back and forth at will.
Fast forward a few years, and now we have 4 resin printers... so I may just dust this off and print the parts to start a build.
Designing digitally is fun, and it opens up lots of possibilities. BUT... kit bashing the old fashioned way is something I'd never want to completely give up. they both have their own wonderful aesthetics :)

Sluis Van Shipyards

Legendary Member
I like it! I've been thinking, for the last 20 years, about doing a full size Bryar rifle. In the Dark Forces games, Kyle Katarn uses a Bryar pistol, which they said was a cut down rifle. I've always wondered what the rifle looked like.

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