The Shadow WIP

Just read through this: you could give Alec Baldwin a run for his money!! :D Seriously though, your outfit definitely evokes the pulps!

As for using both capes: I think that would work. I would definitely ask your GF about sewing the collars together, as that would unify them and keep them from moving individually when wearing them.

Concerning the ends on your guns: If you're unhappy with how the glue ended up, a craft knife can pare down the glue. Rubbing alcohol also removes it without a mark if you want to redo the ends.
I am not terribly worried. I was gonna pare the plug down, but I kinda think the messier it looks the better simply from the standpoint of making it not look real.

And thanks. I think I could give Alec a run for his money NOW lol.
The pistols in the movie were customized .45 magnum pistols. I guess they didn't think regular Colt 1911s were large enough.

Yeah, I was gonna paint these to look like the film, but considering these suckers look very realistic I got scared and left them as is apart from painting the grips. That's also why I filled the barrels. Which I hate to have done, but better safe than sorry.
Working on a more pulp accruate voice. Trying to keep it somewhat deep like my real voice, and not put too much of a British lilt to it, but enough to sound upper class. The nasal quality is tricky, too much and the voice is cartoonish. But he has a big nose, so gotta have at least some nasal quality.
Minor updates...

My girlfriend has decided she wants to make a new cape from scratch, as neither of us are happy with the "combo" cape. The inner cape is slightly longer than the original one, which results in a tail, and when she tried to glue and sew the bottom edges together it made a hump in the cape. She and I talked about what to do, and she has ordered fabric. I want it to look like the pulps but longer, and she is making it wide enough to wrap around ala the Keaton Batsuit cape, and will just touch the floor.

She also said she isn't using a tie on it. I said a button is fine, or even velcro if it is comfortable, but she wants a clasp. I told her that she can do that if the button idea won't work, as I think a clasp may not work right. She agreed to that. She also had the idea to make the collar taller and wrap around towards my face more, which I like alot.

Second update arrives tomorrow, which is I decided on the Girasol ring after all. It just felt odd to not have it.

Still not got the stuff for the nose yet. Planning maybe next pay for that.

Will do some picks when the cape is ready.
Got the Girasol ring! Unfortunately it won't fit anything but the pinky finger with the gloves on.

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