The Scot P1 is in the Greg Jein P2...

TOS Phaser

I seem to remember all these posts were heading towards some kind of book. I'm not buying it at this point.
No - my books are done.

However in the course of doing research for my working drawings (for blue prints, coffee mugs, posters etc.,) - I started noticing things that apparently no one else had. So I starting posting questions / observations such as this thread.

As I stated previously in my very first post on this forum - I have always wanted an accurate Phaser Unit 2.

For example I would very much like to have a Hero "Finney" P2 with "TMOST" P1. And like Alley and AJK001 - I would like to have one or all four of the B&W Hero P2s. You cannot have an accurate B&W Hero P2 if the makers of such prop replicas cannot agree on the pedigree of these props after Wah Ming Chang "reworked" them in order to work backwards...

See the following thread - which I posted because the TPZ is gone:

STAR TREK: The Original Series - Hand Phaser Props - P2s and P1s

I didn't post this reference thread for personal gain. And at every step after my posted questions/observations were answered with replies that I could not argue with - I have updated this reference thread with the new information.

TOS Phaser

I know I am in the minority opinion on this topic, but I’ve always liked the sleek utilitarian look and color scheme of the “Black and White” Phasers…
I too have always liked the B&W Hero P2s.
B&W Hero P2- -Sulu.png
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TOS Phaser

So the b&w P2s had no windows or retractable tips?
By "windows" I assume you meant the P2 sight window and "retractable tips" I assume you meant the emitter that would retract into the aluminum nozzle when the P1 was removed:
No - the functionality of the B&W Hero P2s were not changed by Wah Ming Chang. In other words the B&W Hero P2s had "windows" and "retractable tips".

TOS Phaser

Ok thanks. I had no idea that this research was still ongoing after all these decades. I guess there is always something new to learn.
You are welcome.

I was very heavily involved in the hunt for an accurate TOS - Phaser Unit #2 (P2) in the early 2000s. When I returned to this hobby after almost ten years I decided to go back and take a close look at the early Season One episodes.

Episodes: 5, 6, 7 and 8 are the key episodes to gaining a complete grasp of the 4 Hero Phaser Unit # 2s. Each of the 4 Hero B&W P2s are shown in these 4 episodes in various angles, views and ranges.

A lot of information can be gleaned even by taking photos with your phone of high rez episodes on a large screen LED TV...

And another reason I have carried out my research is when I came back - the "tpz" was gone! So all of the TOS P2 and P! reference material was no longer available.

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