The Rocketeer - 20th Anniversary Screening in LA


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Hi all,

There is a special 20th anniversary screening of The Rocketeer in Los Angeles, next Tuesday June 21st. This is a new print of the film, and many original props will be showcased as part of the event, which is being hosted by the Disney fan club: D-23. Special guests Billy Campbell, Joe Johnston and Rick Baker will also be inattendance. There will also be special merchandise available at the event - see below for details:

Apologies if this thread is repetitive - I thought it might interest Original prop collectors to know that there will be a number of original pieces on display at this event, as I don't think the other threads specifically covered that aspect.

Hmm I've been meaning to watch the movie. I guess that would be a perfect time and place to do it!

I'll be the one in the RPF shirt :lol
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