the rocketeer

  1. Jake Kassnoff

    The Rocketeer Helmet

    Build Footage:
  2. The Rocketeer Filming Locations

    The Rocketeer Filming Locations

    Almost every location from The Rocketeer, where you can go and re-live the movie. In this video you will see Jenny's dormitory, the location of the Bulldog Cafe and much more. Lots of locations to wear your Rocketeer gear and take pictures.
  3. 13thhr

    Rocketeer: Excitement in the Air

    Every so often I go looking for this short documentary made about the same time as the 1991 film. There is a grainy copy on YouTube but it was never released in any formal way to my knowledge. It is very 90s, with some annoying quick cuts and whooshing sound effects as well as being pretty...
  4. mydutchtouch

    My Rocketeer Cosplay

    This was an enjoyable experience; over a year of work but more than twenty-seven years of dreaming. On a birthday party trip to see Disney’s The Rocketeer in 1991, I was captivated by not only the movie, but the design of the props, vehicles, and sets. I've been enjoying wearing the full costume...
  5. SirUstin

    Rocketeer helmet Pepakura

    long time observer and finally got around to building my very own rocketeer helmet. I was at the RPF party this year and got inspired so I went for it. Started with Pepakura file 3D Modelling by Roadwarrior and Unfolded By Nintendude. after putting it all together I noticed I scaled it WAY to...
  6. N

    Questions regarding Rocketeer Jetpack

    Hello, RPF! I am planning out a relatively low-budget Rocketeer costume to put together for next year, and I was curious on whether or not some ideas can work. I plan on making the helmet, gun and Jetpack (Whether it be the movie version or original comic book design) all out of EVA foam...
  7. DavidJGuyton

    Rocketeer Jetpack made in real metal

    Check it out guys. I made the Cirrus X3 jetpack from The Rocketeer in genuine steel. Watch the video below.
  8. FreddySchramm

    Custom robot head/ helmet displays

    I've been working on this for the past couple months. These robot helmets are for my senior exhibition at an art school. Designed the helmet in solidworks and 3d printed it, then made a mold and casted them in Smooth on Black onyx fast. I'm doing a similar series with smaller helmets to practice...
  9. Valor

    Limited Run Rocketeer Rocketpack Complete Electronics Kit

    This is for a run of a complete sound and lights kits for a Rocketeer Cirrus X3 Rocketpack. The heart of this kit is custom sound board that puts out the actual sound effects captured from the film. The board also triggers lights when a switch is depressed. Here's video of how it all works...
  10. Frenchrocketeer

    Classic ( comic book ) Rocketeer Rocket-pack WIP

    Hi all, I am obvioulsy a fan of anything Rocketeer. Always wanted to own some sort of replica of the costume, in one form or the other. Aside from a very accurate version by a profesional prop maker friend of mine, I never quite found a decent rocket pack based on the original design from the...
  11. Amsterdamned

    The Rocketeer Foam Helmet 1st timer

    Hello all :D. After so many time watching the Rocketeer, and after so many times looking at other peeps threads of a rocketeer costume, I've decided to try to make one for myself. I have to tell you that I'm not skilled with foam nor paper, cause I've never used it actually :) also I have to...
  12. sargent venom

    Rocketeer Helmet

    This is my first "proper" post to show my own work. I've previously hidden my stuff away on a blog site which shows in more detail how I went about this build. The blog, for anyone who is interested, can be found here. I figure, a bit of exposure to a more critically astute audience would help...
  13. giric thren

    Flesh and hide Rocketeer Jacket....thoughts?

    Hey guys, I'm currently working on a dream project. The Rocketeer. I have the helmet, and am going to start the pack soon. So I am wondering about the jacket. I am looking for something inexpensive, that I'll upgrade later. I saw someone on Facebook that got a Flesh and Hide rocketeer jacket...
  14. Mr Mold Maker

    Painting Oz's Rocketeer Helmet Kit. Small write up, lots of pics.

    Hey Folks! Picked up one of Oz's fantastic Rocketeer helmet kits and got a little bit of painting done on it. I had intended to take step by step photos as usual... And then I didn't.. Also as usual. I will do my best to explain what I did, materials, techniques, etc. For starters, the kit...
  15. W

    Alternate Rocketeer - Die Roketieur (The Nazi Rocketeer)

    A few years ago I saw the chance to do the Rocketeer. I loved the movie as a kid and he looked pretty awesome. While searching for vinyl and seeing how cheap the black stuff was, I figured why not make an evil version....the bad Roketeer......the NAZI Rocketeer! What if they had gotten their...
  16. TimeyWimey

    Proper Buttons for Rocketeer Jacket?

    I got a Rocketeer jacket from South Beach Leather a few years ago, and it has served me well. The collar is a little too big, but I've been dealing with that -otherwise, it's pretty accurate and well-made. Except: The one thing that's driving me crazy are the buttons. They're basically metal...
  17. Vincent V

    Rocketeer World Fair Poster

    I saw a thread on here a while back where folks were talking about the world's fair poster from The Rocketeer and it got me interested in reproducing the image in vector form so that I could get myself a high resolution poster made. I finally started the project today, this is my progress so...
  18. Fly4v

    Don't know what to call this but it has the Rocketeer!

    When I was scrounging for bits to make make Alan Castillo's Indy Voodoo Doll I came across some leather and thought too bad I can't use this for the jacket but then Indy would have a jacket the same color as the...
  19. ThatGuyKnownAsT

    The Rocketeer - My First Real Build (COMPLETED)

    Hey all. Kind of nervous, but here's my first topic. Long time lurker, and the amount of craftsmanship I see here is always inspiring. For the longest time I've wanted a Rocketeer costume. Well, this year, I finally decided to do one. The original plan was the have it done for Halloween, but at...
  20. glyntheelf

    rocketeer helmet

    so ive started work on a Rocketeer costume. starting with the helmet. the helmets being 3d printed after a very long time ive finely got it all taped together to make sure it all fits nice. i then slush cast the inside with fast cast resin. the fast cast fills in any gaps and holes saving...
  21. dstone

    Rocketeer Comic Rocket Pack

    Hello, everyone, Just wanted to share a little bit of the build process for my comic book version of the Rocketeer rocket pack. I'd like to start by thanking The Rock-a-who for the wonderful idea of using a large PVC pipe for the rocket body and posting details of his comic build. I mimiced...
  22. C

    Brief Review - Rocketeer Jacket from

    Just in case anyone is curious, I took a chance and ordered this Rocketeer jacket from the link below: I just received it, but will be returning it for a refund. It's advertised as leather, but is definitely...
  23. kontherun

    Ozymandias Rocketeer helmet finally finished. Pic heavy.

    A long time ago I started work on the Ozymandias Rocketeer helmet. After bondo, sanding priming, bondo, sanding, priming I kinda forgot about it. But A week ago I found it and decided to finish the job. The paint process was as follows. Caos Black with a clear varnish as the base color. I then...
  24. giric thren

    The Rock-a-who? My Rocketeer helmet build

    Hey, As all of my friends know, The Rocketeer is my absolute favorite movie. I don't know what took me so long to take on this amazing helmet (and maybe more....eventually) I got this beautiful helmet from Ozymandias, and am blown away at it. I've gotten a bit done on it for a while, and...
  25. jctk421

    The Rocketeer - Cirrus X-3 Sound Effects

    I was just wondering if anyone on RPF had any clear and clean sound files of Cliff Secord's Cirrus X-3 Rocket-pack. (Take-Off, Mid-Flight, Landing) Thanks.