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Not saying it's aliens, but, well. Ok it's aliens. Just thought I'd share this project that's been haunting me for a while and finally got around to molding and casting it.

Original sculpt is Monster Clay (medium).
sculpt in progress3 sm.jpeg

sculpt in progress1 sm.jpeg
Here's the mold. I'm far too impatient for brush-on molding so a block mold it is.


I had originally intended to cast these out of rigid foam, which ended up disastrously, so I decided on just casting them out of resin with a hollowed out back to keep the cost and weight down as much as I could.

Again, I could brush in the resin or slush-cast, but I just wanted these to be as quick and easy to produce as possible so I opted to make it hollow by way of dispersion with a plaster form, or rather, lower a form into the liquid resin, displacing the resin to fill the entire mold up to the rim. I simply lined the interior of the mold with at least 1/2" thick layer of Monster Clay (this would later represent the actual final casting). Once done, I made a wooden bracket with screws attached with the ends fitted with washers to hold the plaster displacer in. Then I poured the plaster.


Once cured solid I pull it out and I get this...

This displacer form will get sanded super smooth to keep it from sticking to the resin during casting. Following the very good suggestion of a Smooth-On technician, I covered the entire form in a nice thick coat of Vaseline, and took some plastic cling wrap and covered it (which will make demolding far easier). Forgive the lack of pictures showing this step but I just don't have any. I then smooth the wrinkles of the cling wrap with my fingers covered in Vaseline and top it with a light coat of mold release.

The result is a quick and easy hollow casting. Add a gator teeth picture hanger on the back and you got a wall bust.



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