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While designing the Geonobi, i went on a prop pictures hunt and thanks to the UK prop store auctions i found a lot of potential sabers to make. Of course many have done and come before me to make such sabers already but this one caught my eye for a while and haven't seen them on the wild. It's not pretty I know, however it has all the Clan sabers DNA and well I am a sucker for clan sabers. This hilt can easily be created using an Adi Galia / Shaak Ti body with a Plo Koon emitter, but since I have none im making my own. Eventually Ill make the Adi Galia / Shaak Ti emitter too to swap, then the maul style body, etc. Anyways this is the saber im talking about and in the prop shop they call it a background jedi from the phantom menace, so I'm calling it the Phantom Jedi.

Pics from the Prop shop auction:

And here is my take
The Phantom Jedi.jpgThe Phantom Jedi02.jpgThe Phantom Jedi03.jpg

The body while it resembles the one from the Geonobi, it's a new and has some features that will help with future developments. Same goes for the Pommel. I am reusing the Led bar I designed for the 5layer 0f c1ones as well as the pixel strip pcb that goes with it, designed by Shadowfoil. I will be asking Sam for another pcb
for the leds as these are now illuminated buttons. I went this route because the larger knobs are just to big to use them as buttons. I'm currently desigining the chassis for it and after that's done i will get some protos made.

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