The Mummy - key of Hamunaptra Functional prop


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Wanted to start the prototyping of my Hamunaptra key. I wasn't able to find any great pics of the key opened and easy to print out on paper (minus 3D models to 3D print) so I decided to start from scratch and make my own. I wanted to figure out the way each key rests into the next and make it out of paper (easiest) then my plan is to move to a styrene and then hopefully brass. Most likely doing most of it by hand (the metal work). I'll add a photo of the flat opened key pieces after I'm able to scan it into the computer. I'm basically doing it all from screen grabs of the first movie. Hope this is good enough for the rpf. When this is complete.... I'll definitely be trying to make a book of the dead too.


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Here is the rough scan of the Key and then the cleaned up linework.

Hope it helps someone else. They aren't 100% perfect since when I get to brass, I'll be fitting as I go by hand...

but should be pretty darn close.


  • key of hamunaptra with linework.jpg
    key of hamunaptra with linework.jpg
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    key scan pic.jpg
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