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Hi all
I'm a newbie but I'd like to employ the help of fellow RPFer's, I intend to recreate Harry Potter's trunk including all of the clothing from the goblet of fire onwards, any books, trinkets (such as sneak-o-skopes and what not) and all other things that my be in there, I relise it is a tad ambitious but I'm eager to see this done, and done well, and with your help this could be possible. I've seen it done by other people and it always turns out cheesy and not screen accurate. I've started my research on most of his clothing and have got a few leads but i really need help!! :confused
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What, specifically, do you want in the trunk?

How accurate do you want the trunk to be? (How much are you willing to spend on this project? It'll get up there fast if you want screen-accurate props)

How skilled are you with hand tools? Power tools?

Do you have any experience with sculpting and mold-making?

I know these seem like a lot of questions, but it's all stuff you need to consider before tackling such a large project. I hope this turns out wonderfully, my friend.
Theist17 Thank you very much for your consideration, i just want basically anything ever known to be in his trunk, I consider myself able with hand tools and power tools, but have no idea in the sculpting department, i'll spend as much as I can but i want to keep it under $600-700

Furthermore I've been researching steamer trunks all day but haven't found one suitable I'll try tackling it again tomorrow though
I found an appropriate tunk, now it's time for an all out bidding war

Thoughts? Comments? Criticism? please

Then I thought I'd add the label created by Pete SSS

sorry for the big pic
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That's such an amazing idea, I can't wait to see it finished :) Wish I could do something like that, but it would probably turn out really tacky :p Sorry, I'm not sure how I could help, just wanted to offer some encouragement :) Although, are you looking to make everything? Because I'm sure if you wanted to, you could buy some of the smaller, cheaper things online. Also, check out the Paper Prop forum (?) for book covers. Sorry of someone already said that, I've just quickly skimmed through the comments :)
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JinxMaurauder thanks for your kind words, I've been searching through some paper props as well and have found some interesting things that I'm sure will make their way into my trunk
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What I really need help with now is costuming research, I've some of harry's basic items from the films, like his grey sweatshirt and red top from goblet of fire found pretty much anywhere, and as far as i can tell entirely screen accurate. I've also been skimming through the deathly hallows costuming threads and found some great research. I already own school robes, glasses, a marauders map, and harry's wand, so we got that covered and I'll put up a list tomorrow of all the things I think I should put in the trunk
Zonko's joke shop at Wizarding World of Harry Potter has things like Sneak o Scopes. Maybe you could use some of their items as a base and modify them to look more realistic? I think they have a website now where you can order items from the park.
No problem :) Other than that, I'm not very sure about where you can find stuff :/ For the school pants I'm pretty sure they're just regular grey pants?? Not too sure. Hope you win the bidding war on the trunk, I am now inspired to find a trunk like that for myself, hard to find though and expensive to ship :(
Another costume which Harry wears a lot is the one from the Prisoner of Azkaban, the blue and black jacket, dark shirt and pants... that would probably be fairly easy to find something very similar? I know that one pops up in a few films.
JinxMaurader-when I said i had school robes- I meant shirt, shoes, pants, tie, jumper and robes so we're all set there

secondly I thought we would first cover Goblet of fire to the Deathly Hallows and then maybe start getting some older stuff

Alric-My sister is going to knit my jumper from Ron's mum but I'm not sure whether or not to put it in the Trunk. (F.Y.I. I got the stitching pattern from a book called Charmed Knits you can get from Ebay or Amazon)

I don't know where the best place to get Quidditch robes from I mean, I found a site a while back called Littuus Wizarding equipment, but without seeing the robes for my self I don't know how accurate their going to be, the site also sells Quidditch pads and Harry's jacket from the third task which both look rather good
I have another point shall i put stuff into the trunk that is not in the movies eg Harry's brass telescope for astronomy, and his mokeskin pouch, also what do we follow in regards to little things like harry's favourite Quidditch team in the books it is Ireland and in the movies Bulgaria so do i get a white and green hat, or black and red.

and where do we stop, by which I mean do we add stuff he used to have but lost, like Snape's copy of Advanced potion making because technically he shouldn't own it after Half Blood Prince.

Thoughts? please

I have the list of items i would like to put in the trunk

• Severus Snape's copy of Advanced Potion-Making?
• Harry Potter's Firebolt broomstick
• Harry Potter's dress robes
• Dumbledore's Army coin
• Extreme Incantations
• Flying with the Cannons
• Furry brown wallet

• Handbook of Do-It-Yourself Broomcare
• Homework planner
• Hat from the Quidditch world cup
• Weasley jumper

• Model of a Firebolt
• Mokeskin pouch
• Omnioculars
• Harry Potter's photo album
• Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland
• Quidditch Robes
• Harry Potter's schoolbag
• Sneakoscope
• Harry Potter's sock
• School Robes
• Scarf from the Quidditch world cup
• Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches
• Two-way mirror
• Harry Potter's wand
• Fabian Prewett's watch

please make suggestions
iycis I've been looking at those sneak-o-scopes for a while now, and there is a deleted scene in the prisoner of Azkaban where you see Ron giving one to Harry and as far as i can tell they look exactly the same, I'll just need some knobbly mustard color socks to put it in
wow lucky as, it looks really good, I need to make a stencil that says H.P. to put on the end of my trunk
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