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I know that title is a mouth full, but here is the low down. I am looking for get luggage travel stickers that are Marvel, Dc, Dr Who, My little Pony, Star Wars, Star Trek, RBWY, Sandman, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, Babylon 5, and Batman themed.

What are luggage stickers?

Well it's what use to get plastered all over your luggage as you traveled back in the old day. DiscWorld examples can be seen below.
The image is from Discworld Emporium and I have already ordered these. Plus a few more from their site. But I want more!

Why am I looking for these?

I am trying to make a cool luggage display trunk that will hold my artist alley sewn wears but look like it's travel with us through the different fandoms.

Our usually costuming fandom is Loki. ( We have 8 different completed costumes from comic book-Renfair-Victorian)

However, I keep ending up making commissioned costumes for Star wars, Batman, and many other. So I wanted the trunk to reflex that. I am using a trunk that previously belonged to my father when he was a Lt in the army during the Vietnam War. So it's a real traveling trunk and I am leaving the stickers he had on it already.

This is the actual trunk everything is going on. (I already found a luggage claim tag for Loki by chance at Hot topic)

So can anyone help me out? Even if it's just sending image links that would be a huge help!



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Those Discworld ones are nice.

I've made a few Lovecraft-inspired ones – but I know that's not what you're looking for...

I've seen some mock vintage travel posters for Metropolis & Gotham & Star Wars locales – those could be shrunk down and printed out on adhesive paper and would look something like a luggage label.

The other alternative would be to Google Image Search for real vintage labels & Photoshop out the old name & put in a new one.


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I have a feeling I will have to make most of them. A friend of mine has found a few gems. I just figured maybe someone here had some.

What do your Lovecraft ones look like? My other half (whom is part of my cosplay team) like Lovecraft. So I would be game to put some of those type on the trunk too.


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Do a search for Star Wars Travel Stickers, and you will find lots for sale or you could just save pictures and print.
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