The King's Man- Duke of Oxford Leather coat.

The coat in your picture above is a ’rig coat’ that allowed for a swivelling metal harness/cage to be worn for the wing suspension scene. So it is cut up. But it still shows half of the pocket flap. The belt rig is pushed up very high in that picture too.

This shows it better.

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I am liking that color a ton! Might have to unload mine in the junkyard.
Pending the “normal” collar design, accurate length, and belt I think I might be in for one once those pics are updated. Except for the length and weathering, that side pic looks screen used.

One question. The collar interior looks a little too light in color. Can that color be adjusted?
Hello friends,
I completed my King's Man coat with both options.
Take a look at them and let me know if you have any concern in design details.
IMO, my movie coat collar looks slightly higher than original coat collar, current size is 6" it should be 5" but I'm waiting your opinions.

Based on this pic, yours looks a bit tall all the way around. Maybe you could post a pic of it buttoned on a person?

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