The King's Man- Duke of Oxford Leather coat.

Buttons added
Pocket re sized
I am liking it a lot

Compromises for easier wear/ practicality include:
Collar not nearly as tall, but similarly shaped(so it can turn down)
Color- I wanted slightly darker and less tan(personal preference)
Flap/lapel not as offset to the right- in order to have more normal sized lapels
Certain seams

All in all I am very pleased for the price. Shipping today will have it soon. Thanks again for the help Oxford

The rig is easy, standard Brit military Sam Browne belt. The Bowie was actually a gift from Rambo 3 production, Oxfords hero sword was a Victoria cypher and quite rare, but also used in the scabbard and fighting was a George V cipher version. For the flight scenes and climbing scenes, a modern replica made by Lantern Armouries was used. GR cipher. Quite cheap compared to the real thing.

Hero Rig and stunt pistol.


Hero VR and GR swords. The VR sword had its blade replaced with a duralium blade. Which the gun sword also had.


And the modern Lantern Armoury replica. GR cipher.


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Brilliant!!!! Thanks Oxford ! Such a wealth of info here, really appreciate it!

I am going for scratch build on the sword, bowie , throwing knives and gun(modify a cheap amazon 911 toy probably).
Sword I am thinking foam hand guard (with the detail carved in) glued to a dowel or pvc of the correct length then the handle details added.
Sam Browne belt ,I might make out of cheap pleather, maybe unless I can find it cheap on ebay or something .
I have a question about knife handle color.
I'm seeing knife handle colors three different shade, does anyone know right color of knife handle?
knife handles.jpg
I have a question about knife handle color.
I'm seeing knife handle colors three different shade, does anyone know right color of knife handle?
View attachment 1551980
The colour of the props vary. The only ones that are uniform are the hero metal knives which are these…


The following picture shows a polyurethane stunt at the top with the hero blades underneath. The polyurethane versions vary quite a bit in colour as the paint was custom mixed to try and match the hero’s butbthe didn’t get the uniformity.

And these below are all stunt polyurethane versions that are quite uniform. When you see Oxford hanging off the cliff by his parachute, you can see the difference from one knife handle to the other, showing he had the poly stunts in that scene. Also showing Conrad’s stunt Webley.

Thanks Oxford.
I think knife size would be like below,

Total length 10 inch
Blade width 1.75 inch
Blade thickness 6mm
WhatsApp Image 2022-03-03 at 12.14.01 PM (1).jpeg
Hello everyone,
I just received my prototype knife sample.


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Hello guys,
I'm working on our first sample and i noticed, there are no down front flap pockets in movie coat.


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