The Jason Bourne C.I.A flies and Red Bag

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First and foremost, I would like thank everyone on here who has contributed to the paper props page, I suffer from a mental illness along with arthritis and This forum keeps me sain and my mind occupied through these uncertain times, so many thanks!

I am years behind on this one but I'm hoping to get this finished by the end of the year finger crossed lol I updated the Bourne Treadstone and Blackbriar Files added a finger print sheet surveillance photo and re-touched the fax and the wanted posters and am working on the Interploe file. I was lucky to get a passport and credit card from Megamicrofish and a replica Sig from kurtyboy thank you both!

Having searched long and hard I'm now wondering if most of the list in unobtainable? I have the Opti-Free Express Contact Lenses and Case on their way that’s the closet I could find. Some prop US dollars and I'm having go at making the French Driver’s License. I would love another passport and though I understand why, are pricy and far and few between.

If anyone out there can help with some of these Items drop me a PM and we can talk.

Many thanks and hope to hear from you soon!



Red bag contents, complete list:

The Red Bag
US Passport (Jason Bourne)
US Passport Card (John Michael Kane)
Canadian Passport (Paul Kay)
French Passport (Nicolas Lemanissier)
Russian Passport (Foma Kiniaev)
Brazilian Passport (Gilberto de Piento)
2 Air France Club 2000 Credit Cards
2 Platinum American Express Credit Cards
2 Gold "Double Globe" Mastercards
2 French telephone cards
French Drivers License
French Medical insurance card
2 sets of Elegance color contact lenses with accompanying cases
MacHasp USB Flash Drive
4 Uniball pen needlepoint ub165
Coast MT3900CP Multitool Pocket Tool Box
Dark Green rubber grip 3 or 4 blade Swiss Army style knife x on grip
A Tag Heuer Link Quartz Chronograph Watch - Ref. CT1111.BA0550
A black and silver knurled (spy?) pen.
Silver and Onyx cuff links
Bank compliment slip with Bourne's account number

Totals for currency breakdowns are approximations but should give a rough idea as to what he carried out of the bank.
$110,000 USD in $10,000 bundles
R$20,000 Brazilian Reais in R$10,000 bundles
ر.س100,000 Saudi Riyals in ر.س50,000 Riyal bundles
ƒ100,000 Dutch Guilders in ƒ25,000 Guilder bundles
¥30,000 Chinese Yuan in ¥10,000 bundles
£50,000 GBP in £25,000 bundles
₤20,000,000 Italian Lire in ₤10,000,000 Lire bundles
F100,000 French Francs in F50,000 bundles
DM100,000 Deutsche Marks in DM50,000 bundles
$30,000 AUD in $10,000 bundles


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Back when Mr. Savage started this project, and so many of us caught the bug, we were doing our best to create what we did not have. I visited my local eyewear shop and explained what I was doing, and they graciously gave me two different sets of color contact lenses that had expired. Attached is my label graphic for the Elegance contact lenses. Print out two of these on decal/label paper, cut out then apply them to the contact lens packages.

For the Burn Bag, I originally purchased materials from the local hobby store, did the screen printing, and then assembled my own. Through trial and error / time and raw costs, you quickly realize what Magnoli charges for his Burn Bags is reasonable. If you are unable to get the accurate one from his prop website, he has factory seconds for almost half-price on his clothier site that had the 'BRENNEN' printed in the wrong direction. I picked up a factory second just so I could have one for daily use, which was not associated with my collection.

As I have more time, I will see what else I can scrounge up.


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Looking back through my old graphics files in Illustrator, I am finding they need to be converted, updated, and cleaned up before I can share, which will take a little investment in time as I can schedule it in.

However, to assist with the currency. visit this website:

Do a search for each of the currency types by face value from the burn bag. Not only will it provide a great graphic for printing, but the site will also provide you with the actual size of the bill so you can print for accuracy. On some you may want to print on white, others a tinted paper, like ivory. I visited a local print shop and explained what I was doing and they cut me filler stacks of scrap paper for free, that enabled me to only print a couple of each bills for the top and bottom of the stack, then wrap the band and glue stick it closed.

Here is the list I used based upon the RPF research at the time:
  • 10 (100 note stacks) American 100 Dollar (155 mm x 65 mm)
  • 4 (100 note stacks) German 500 Deutsche Mark (170 mm x 80 mm)
  • 5 (100 note stacks) French 500 Franc (153 mm x 80 mm)
  • 5 (100 note stacks) Brazilian 100 Reais (140 mm x 65 mm)
  • 2 (100 note stacks) Saudi Arabia 500 Riyal (4th Generation issued by Fahad) (164 mm x 73.5 mm)
  • 4 (100 note stacks) 1985 Dutch Netherlands 250 Gulden (155 mm x 66 mm)
  • 7 (100 note stacks) Chinese 100 Yuan (155 mm x 77 mm)
  • 2 (100 note stacks) British 500 Pound Sterling (156 mm x 85 mm)
  • 2 (100 note stacks) 1994 Italian 100000 Lire (160 mm x 70 mm)
  • 5 (100 note stacks) Australian 100 Note (143 mm x 73 mm)
  • Moroccan 20 Dirham (130 mm x 68 mm) ~ only seen in the top tray folded with a Chinese 100 Yuan bill
While the currency images have the website's watermark on them, before I printed any of the bills, I added a graphic on top of the image, concealed by the money band. It is just a simple white rectangle that reads, "THIS NOTE IS NOT LEGAL TENDER PROP REPLICA PURPOSES ONLY." Just an added extra safety measure.

For those needing a pistol, there is a seller on eBay that presently has hard resin training pistols of the Sig Pro 2009, which you can then spray paint: New Red Polyurethane *Hard Resin* Replica Training Firearm Gun Sig Pro | eBay.

Hope this helps.

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