Bourne Identity Bank Account Implant?


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There are plenty of excellent threads going over in amazing detail the contents of the Red Bag from The Bourne Identity, with so many people having recreated their own.

However in my searching I haven't come across anyone who's replicated the implant that holds the bank account number, projected out from the end of it. Now it's likely of course that it's just my poor search-fu that has prevented me from finding anyone who's either researched or made their own, but I've searched both in here and google on every variant of "bourne bank account laser/led/ir/implant/yaddayaddayadda" I can think of, and I the only thing I've learned is that the Red Bag stuff is an awesome obsession, and all anyone cares about :D

So, any advice/pointers/directions to if there's any existing stuff on this one? If not then I shall begin and see where I end up as far as recreating one goes.

Bourne 01.png

Bourne 02.png

Bourne 03.png

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