The Immortals: GO SEE IT!


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Henry Cavill was amazing in this movie. I went in not sure if I would like it or not as I'm not a big fan of these type of movies, but WOAH.. what a movie!
Cavill and Rourke were outstanding. I cannot wait to see Cavill as Superman. the guy is perfect for it! We saw it in 3d and it was worth the extra bucks .

Art Andrews

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All of the trailers and previews have made me completely uninterested in this film, but person after person has come back RAVING about it. Guess I am just going to have to go see what all the raving is about!


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I passed on it last night and opted for Harold & Kumar (which was bland generic fun). I just couldn't find enough good things to support seeing Immortals - I looked for a reason but, couldn't find a review or a trailer to make it look worthwhile.

If I would've heard one rave review, as Art had heard or a post like StreetJudge's it may've swayed me.


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Art, I was the same way. The trailer didn't interest me that much and I figured it would be something I'd catch on cable tv later. My wife dragged me to see it and I'm happy she did. I was very pleasantly surprised. There was some really great fight scenes. Great soundtrack, awesome visuals. The Gods were incredibly awesome to watch fight also.
You won't regret going.


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I'm surprised people liked this movie as much as some of us do here. I didn't like it one bit.

Yeah, I do think it proved that Cavill can pull off Superman. Cavill definitely had some moments, John Hurt oozed charisma, the guy playing Zuess even seemed to have a moment or two.. but it was all lost on a terrible movie.

I don't like dwelling on things I didn't like and I don't want to come off as insulting other people's taste (I'm sure there are things I like that others might not get, too). I just wanted to mention the performances that I think were decent - especially as Cavill is our future Superman (although I hate the new costume).
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