The Haunted Mansion Butler and Maid costumes


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Hey all!

I'm a huge doombuggie and decided to undertake the daunting task of recreating the Butler and Maid costumes. After ALOT of searching and research compiling (and about 50000 trips to the HM) I was able to get the costumes done.
I hope you enjoy!



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Thanks for the kind words!
It was a blast that night, all the CM's kept pulling us aside and asking us questions about the outfits. They were all wanting to get a look and tell there friends!


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I've been working hard on making them even better. Right now i'm busy replicating the bat bow tie the butler's wear during the Haunted Mansion Holiday event at Disneyland.


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I was wondering if disney had any problems with you dressing up like cast members? I am thinking about making this costume and by no means will it be as accurate as the actual cast member uniforms so I was just making sure I wont encounter any problems if I go this route for a costume.
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